Tuesday, 6 September 2016

In defending Keith Vaz, we are defending the rule of law and British values


Relevant and rational considerations

  1. There is no law against hiring prostitutes.
  2. Keith Vaz at no time took a position as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee that is inconsistent with the exercise of his human right to hire prostitutes.

Irrelevant and irrational considerations

  1. You hate Keith Vaz.
  2. Everyone you know hates Keith Vaz.
  3. You'd be furious if you found your husband had hired prostitutes. 
  4. You would never dream of hiring prostitutes.
  5. You don't want anyone at all to hire prostitutes. 
  6. You want to punish Keith Vaz on behalf of his wife who has decided to stand by him.

We will always need politicians prepared to defend the rule of law. Keith Vaz by refusing to resign as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Commitee is in fact using his position to defend the principle of decriminalising prostitution, which its members are already agreed upon.

What is not forbidden is allowed. It is not forbidden to hire prostitutes, even if you are an MP who is Chairman of the Home Affairs Committee. If there is some unwritten rule that says MPs are forbidden from hiring prostitutes, why would MPs support this infringement of their own human right? They are the legislature after all. If they do not even support their own right to hire prostitutes when it is not illegal to do so, does this mean they are stupid or scared, or both?

Why are British voters being governed by MPs who are more stupid and scared than they are, and who won't even stand up for their own legal rights when those are not in question?

If Keith Vaz is ousted as Chairman, the more thoughtful voter - not very many admittedly - who is also for the decriminalisation of prostitution would be asking himself precisely this question.

If Home Affairs Committee Tory MPs try to oust him, it would be only because they are following the orders of Theresa May. Being an unprincipled woman, she will probably be unable to think beyond how angry she would be if discovered her husband had hired prostitutes, but that is not the point.

The point is that if everyone has the right to hire prostitutes then wives enraged by the thought of their husband doing so is completely irrelevant.

Mrs Keith Vaz has clearly decided to stand by her husband and it is not anyone's business to punish him on her behalf, not even our female Prime Minister, who is also a wife.

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