Monday, 19 September 2016

The price of sex - Part 1

The price of sex is crucial to the how feminism strikes its bargains with men. It offers men cheap sex with women they are not married to, and also allows men to have sex with other men. Feminism is about facilitating sexual liberation and getting men so hooked on cheap plentiful sex they lose the will to fight feminism.

The patriarchy forces both men and women to mostly have the most expensive form of sex - marriage - by forbidding and punishing extramarital sex. It also criminalises gay sex but allows brothel-keeping. These measures ensure that men pay for sex up front and don't expect to get it for free.

Feminism, you will have noticed, pretends sex is free but loads it full of high hidden charges for which the man himself pays eg CSA or society eg a higher crime rate when singly-parented juvenile delinquents become adult criminals.

The patriarchal imperative is to go forth and multiply thereby creating the manpower with which to acquire and maintain empires.

Sexual liberation - which a matriarchy condones - results in a shrinking and ageing population ultimately becoming unable to even have enough manpower to fight a successful defensive war.

Feminism is not just bad for the West, it is bad for any civilisation.

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