Sunday, 30 October 2016

Who Controls America? New World Order, Trump, Hillary?

"There is nothing the political establishment will not do, no lie that they won't tell, to hold on to their prestige and power at your expense, and that's what's been happening.

The Washington establishment and the financial and media corporations that fund them exist for one reason only: to protect and enrich itself.

The establishment has trillions of dollars at stake in this election. As an example, just one single trade deal they'd like to pass involves trillions of dollars controlled by many countries, corporations and lobbyists.

For those who control the levers of power in Washington and the global special interests, they partner with these people that don't have your good in mind.

Our campaign represents a true existential threat, like they haven't seen before.

This is not just another four year election; this is a crossroads in the history of our civilisation that will determine or not whether we the people reclaim control over our government.

The political establishment that is trying to stop us is the same group responsible for our disastrous trade deals, massive illegal immigration and economic and foreign policies that have bled our country dry.

For them, it's war, and for them, nothing at all is out of bounds. This is a struggle for the survival of our nation, believe me. This election will determine whether we are a free nation, or whether we only have the illusion of democracy, but are in fact controlled by a small handful of global special interests rigging the system - and our system is rigged.

This is reality. You know it, they know it, I know it, and pretty much the whole world knows it.

The establishment and their media enablers will control this nation through means that are well known: anyone who challenges their control is deemed as sexist, a racist, a xenophobe and morally deformed. They will attack you, they will slander you, they will seek to destroy your career and your family, they will seek to destroy everything about you including your reputation.

They will lie, lie, lie and again they will do worse than that. They will do whatever's necessary. The Clintons are criminals - remember that: they are criminals.

Our great civilisation here in America and across the civilised world has come upon a moment of reckoning. We've seen it in the United Kingdom when they voted to liberate themselves from global government and global trade deals and global immigration deals that have destroyed their sovereignty and that have destroyed many of those nations.

But the central base of world political power is right here in America and it is our corrupt political establishment that is the greatest power behind radical globalisation and the disenfranchisement of working people.

Their financial resources are virtually unlimited. Their political resources are unlimited. Their media resources are unmatched, and most importantly, the depths of their immorality is absolutely unlimited."

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