Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Gay black man Kwame Anthony Appiah says there is no such thing as Western civilisation

I don't think this man who wants borderless cosmopolitanism voted Trump, do you?

While liberal white middle class men are capable of listening to this without wanting to tear this gay black man limb to limb for saying that neither their culture nor their civilisation exists, I suspect white working class men would not be able to resist the temptation if they knew they could get away with murder.

Kwame Anthony Appiah - a PC Libtard-approved kind of philosopher, also gaily married

Gay black man tells white men their civilisation doesn't exist.

If the West exists and there are people who live in the West, it has a civilisation.

What is civilisation?

It is just he capacity of a people to live in cities. If your society has the ability to maintain at least one city state, you have the right to call its cultural practices a civilisation, no matter how backward libtards consider you to be.

A gay black man merely denying the existence of Western civilisation is not enough to destroy it.

The people who most enjoy hearing this said appear to be stupid white women who have been indoctrinated by their universities thinking this pretentious man is being profound.

Oh, and the men who want to have sex with these stupid white women.

Why do white women enjoy hearing the existence of their civilisation denied by a gay man of another race?

Because it insults and mocks heterosexual white men and the achievements of their ancestors.

Why do these women enjoy seeing men of their own race and the achievements of their ancestors being mocked and denied by a gay black man?

Because they think it is frightfully clever of a gay black man to insult white men and get away with it and because they know their own men are too cowed by PC Liberalism to even protest against this unwarranted and outrageous insult.

Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males

But perhaps this gay black man is not so frightfully clever after all. Perhaps white men are just being exceptionally stupid and weak after so many decades of having their masculinity destroyed by feminism.

The Best Question asked was by Chris Anderson who runs an organisation called Ted, "devoted to sharing ideas across cultures":

It has become shockingly clear in the last year or so just how deeply threatened are by other cultures: threatened, angry and fearful. Why has that happened and what would you say to someone to defuse that anger and fear?


If I had a little booklet or a pill or something like that I would do that to spread widely around the planet. Look, human beings evolve as a social species in a context where competition amongst groups was important and so we have a psychology that easily produces them and us structures, that bond us to the us and makes us antagonistic to the them. Social psychology is full of experiments that can be done in an afternoon in a class full of kids, or a weekend. So that's a deep feature of our psychology, so because we know it is there, it is tremendously important to not engage it in dangerous ways, and one of the most dangerous kinds of people today are people who go around mobilising "us-es" by stigmatising and demonising "thems". It's easy to do, it works, but then you're stuck with the result and the results are that you can't turn it off. You can't turn it off, and so you mobilise identity in the Balkans and you can't turn it off. It's a deep feature of our psychology. It's one we can escape. We don't all have to be like this. We can make distinctions in our beliefs and religions and our national affiliations without organising them in a way that leads to hatred.

Sue Lawley:

Do you have an answer to your own question, Mr Anderson? You must have - running TED talks - heard people pontificating on this many many times?

Chris Anderson:

There's many theories and people talk about getting the visibility of each other and trying to do things that develop empathy, tell a story that puts you into someone else's shoes and for a long time technologists would have said that the sheer connectedness of the world, the fact that we can see each other connected with each other Facebook or Twitter of whatever is a force for good, basically and fundamentally driving a slow and steady progress towards a global identity of sorts or at least that being one of our identities, but definitely the events of the last year have challenged all those views quite strongly. 


If you raise people in groups of mixed identity, where they are doing useful things together in circumstances of equality and mutual dependence, it's very easy for those groups that are represented in those encounters to develop. It has a name - the Contact Hypothesis in social psychology. But I think it's a really important point. It explains why for example in a multicultural society it is really important to have public schools in which everybody's represented for example because that's a bulwark against the other kind of negativity. It doesn't guarantee it won't happen, but it makes it much less likely.

Well, grab me by the pussy and stone me dead, but this gay out of touch mixed race libtard who got given a prize by Obama for being the Biggest Ivy League Gay Libtard Fucker of The Year is saying "Keep letting them in and letting them into our children's public schools."  Why didn't he just say "Let them eat cake"?

Still, to be fair, what would a gay man that is the clueless and childless Appiah know about finding a school for children because you can't afford school fees and get upset when the local school you had set your heart on sending them to is full up because of immigrants? 

Unbelievable. No wonder they voted Trump. Perhaps they are even now chanting menacingly outside Appiah's home about what they'd like to do to enlighten him and his ilk about borderless nations as well as where they'd like to stick his "usses" and "thems". Not in their local public school, I would suggest.

PS  It is gratifying that Peter Oborne agrees with me too!  12 November 2016

The title of Kwame Anthony Appiah’s lectures is Mistaken Identities, and the core of his argument is that the nation state is a mere ‘social construction’ — in another words, a myth.

For Appiah (who the BBC grandly describes as a ‘cultural theorist’), we are now all common citizens of the world.

Such views have been shouted at us for the past 50 years — arguing that patriotism is either misguided or shameful.

People such as Appiah believe that national borders have no moral validity; that a refugee from a country such as Somalia has the same claim to state services in Britain (such as education, healthcare, welfare and housing) as the families of Welsh miners.

It’s the same philosophy which lies behind the monolithic European Union.

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