Sunday, 6 November 2016

My solution to Theresa May's problem of the libtard judiciary being the enemies of the people

The best way of dealing with High Court decision to thwart the result of the plebiscite is require that any judge hearing this application for judicial review on the triggering of Article 50 declare how he voted in the EU Referendum and swear to tell the truth. If it is subsequently discovered that he lied, he should be hanged from the nearest lamp post.

If he voted remain, then that judge should be disqualified from hearing this application on the grounds that no one should be a judge in his own cause, or, nemo judex in causa sua, if you prefer Latin.

This should sort out how the appeal to the Supreme Court should be handled to get the result we want.

If no Supreme Court judge can be found who voted leave - which is perfectly possible knowing how libtard the judiciary is - then the whole application should be struck out.

In fact, the application should have been struck out ab initio for being totally without merit.

The First Claimant Gina Miller has no locus standi for one thing because she does not represent the majority of the voters who voted to leave. It would be outrageous that this woman - who was not even British-born - should have the right to thwart the will of 17M voters by merely application by requiring that MPs vote to trigger Article 50 when she did not even vote leave.

The Second Claimant is the First Claimant's Portuguese hairdresser and is not even a British National.

No one who is not a British national has the locus standi to make this application.

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KG said...

They say our parliament should be consulted on this decision and parliament should have the final word but fail to realize that in a federal EU our parliament and laws will become irrelevant?

Several of the judges have vested interests in the EU. They should be disqualified from making decisions on this matter !!