Saturday, 14 January 2017

Some questions on insanity

Are women more likely to suffer from insanity than men? If so, what is the reason? Because women tend to be more subjective and tend to regard truth and logic as an obstacle to their wishes rather than as a tool for solving problems?

Subjectivity/Femininity/Insanity v Objectivity/Masculinity/Sanity

Who should win?

Who would God want to win if He exists?

Even if God does not in fact exist, He must be male, because it must have been a man who conceived of Him and then wielded God as an instrument of government.

It is impossible to imagine a woman as being the first person in the world to have thought up such an entity.

Sane people form theories based on their observations of the world around them while the insane, stubborn, stupid and arrogant fit the world into their theories, however ill-fitting, and never learn from their mistakes because they are too proud to admit having made them.

Is there a difference between being wrong and being mad? The consequences however are the same: disaster.

Insanity: being persistently, immovably and fundamentally in error about some important fact.

Is it possible that the entire West is mad?

Which is more frightening: to be insane or to discover that everyone around you is in fact insane?


Matt said...

Why do you find it impossible to imagine a woman creating the idea of God?

Claire Khaw said...

Because women are not the ones known for their intellectual creativity or their ability to wrestle with abstract ideas.