Tuesday, 31 January 2017

For those who blame Trump for the Quebec City mosque massacre

Alexandre Bissonnette - the angry young man who did what other angry white men only dream of doing

Anyone who is anti-immigration would love Trump.

It is just possible that he hated Muslims before he was even aware of Trump.

The mosque has about 5,000 members and is one of six in the Quebec City region

You just have to expect this sort of thing when you have high levels of immigration and allow people to own guns, I'm afraid.

There will always be people who will use violence to prevent themselves from becoming a minority in their own country, when all else fails. 

People who want to impose high levels of immigration should therefore consider this.

I predict Canadian feminazis will propose banning guns for men who want them for hunting unless they prove themselves to be perfectly happy with immigration, not at all racist and utterly pro-feminist.

It is up to effete Canadian men to indulge them, I suppose.

“Every country has the right to determine their policies. I can only tell you that we will continue our long-standing tradition of being open to those who seek sanctuary,” Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen told the CBC.

The more the Canadian government brown-noses the immigrant population, the more this will happen.

Looks like libtards in Canada are doubling down on previous policies. "We will be even nicer to immigrants, invite even more of them in and be shittier to angry white men."

Yeah, way to go.

Muslim Population in Quebec

1991         44,930      0.6%

2001       108,620      1.5%

2011        243,430      3.1%


This adequately explains the massacre unless you expect white Canadian men to just sit back and become a minority in Quebec City.

But blame Trump if you want.

Marginalisation of the beta male more the cause of mass-murdering gunmen than lax firearm regulation?

The spree killer may be at the outer boundary in the range of normal human behaviour, but nonetheless his is the natural response of the social animal provoked beyond endurance. He is merely the forerunner, and until he is given legitimate expression of his valid and justified anger, and allowed to respond to the daily injustices and affronts he must presently endure, each new atrocity will only herald more to come.

Simon Sheppard explores the mind of the spree killer

Deborah Orr explained it so well:

When I was about 14, I went to a local farm to pet the horses. There, we found that the last of a litter of kittens was to be drowned, because a home could not be found for it. I called my mother, asked if we could have it, and she said yes. Joyfully taking the kitten home, I was devastated by the family dog's reaction.

It wasn't just that she snarled at the kitten in a most aggressive way, causing the kitten to spit and arch his back with equal aggression. It was the reproachful, hurt, betrayed looks the dog threw at me. She seemed to be communicating that she simply could not believe that I had done this to her, had introduced this clearly unwelcome interloper on to her territory. I went straight to the local vet and asked for the kitten to be humanely destroyed, which it was immediately – in retrospect, surprisingly, because I was only a kid. My mother, when she got home looking forward to seeing the new kitten, was absolutely amazed that I'd made this decision and acted on it so definitely and irreversibly, alone. I did it out of absolute love and sympathy for my grieving dog.


FY said...

There is no doubt that most of trump lovers are immigration haters.
But this does not give them the green light to commit atrocities and brutal actions against unsuspecting innocent people

Claire Khaw said...

I never said it did. Did you really think I said it does??

FY said...

I cannot know what you really think unless you say it implicitly

Claire Khaw said...

You think to explain something is to justify it?

FY said...

Mere comments are not enough to understand each other

Claire Khaw said...

He will get his day in court. A mini-Breivik.

Apart from the gunman himself, who is most to blame?

FY said...

The misunderstanding of religions.

If this criminal is Christian, it means that he does not understand his religion.

There is no mentioning of killing worshippers in the Bible.

Claire Khaw said...

He probably wasn't that religious. Not exactly unknown for religious people to kill each other anyway.

FY said...

Extremism is present in the action of many religions followers

Claire Khaw said...

When people feel threatened, they will do what they think is necessary to protect their interests.

Many people no longer trust their government to protect their interests.

Indeed, the Canadian government shows no signs at all of taking on board people's concerns about immigration.

When you perceive that the government does not think you have a legitimate grievance, and calls you names just for airing them, then you might consider taking the law into your own hands, if you are not just going to forget all about it.

KC said...

Nothing whatsoever to do with Trump and everything to do with Trudeau's government policies. They'll be blaming Breivik on Trump next.