Tuesday, 21 March 2017

David Goodhart traduced by The Guardian's Jonathan Shainin who disapproves of Road to Somewhere

It shocked me to read of David Goodhart apparently confused with me. While I am generally known to be a horror known for upsetting libtards through the use of truth and logic, David Goodhart is politeness and charm personified. I also look nothing like heartthrob Colin Firth.

Is this Colin Firth?

Is this David Goodhart?

Apparently, Jonathan Shainin and others of his ilk do not believe that white people have the right to national self-determination, though for some reason other races do, which is a bit racist, don't you think?

Why would the dominant race of any nation passively accede to allowing so many other races into their country in the name of being non-racist until they are no longer the dominant race, just because middle class feminazis in the Labour Party insist they must do so?

Why would any group voluntarily agree to lose status and be overwhelmed by other groups when they can easily prevent it by eradicating feminism and socialism? It is truly a mystery.

As I keep saying to anyone who will listen, the slut and socialist are the eternal enemies of society and civilisation.

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