Thursday, 30 March 2017

God and the demographic winter to come for the post-industrial societies of the East and West

Western Christianity is spiritually confused and misguided by multiculturalism

  1. God was conscripted by Wise Men to maintain the practice of traditional marriage.
  2. The practice of traditional marriage implicitly forbade extramarital sex so young men and young women would be hurried sooner into having legitimate children and more of them. 
  3. A society in which most of its members practised traditional marriage is said to be socially conservative.  
  4. A moral environment of social conservatism is necessarily a theocracy. 
  5. All advanced civilisations are patriarchies and all patriarchies have a religion forbidding extramarital sex to maintain the practice of marriage.
  6. The practice of taking marriage seriously is directly linked to the quality of parenting, and the quality of parenting linked to the quality of the next generation which of course has implications for the continuation of your civilisation. 
  7. The purpose of marriage is to have legitimate children. 
  8. The purpose of having legitimate children is to prevent single parenthood, bad parenting and child abuse. 
  9. Marriage is the best child protection scheme created by God. 
  10. The point of primogeniture and having an heir and a spare is to have enough fighting men at any time to repel invaders. 
  11. The average age of risk-averse Britain is now 40.
  12. Old people think they know everything, are slow to adapt and probably want to die with their false beliefs intact because they don't want to think the beliefs they have had all their lives - especially their Christianity if they happen to be Europeans - are wrong and that they were so easily duped.
  13. Old people also suffer from sclerosis and are unwilling to change their ways because they either don't want to or think it's too late to make any difference. 
  14. Old people can be infuriatingly fatalistic especially when they only look back on their supposedly glorious past and take no interest in the future because they don't think they are going to be a part of it.
  15. A senescent populace is even less likely to acknowledge that the religion their ancestors believed in - Christianity - is in fact inferior to the new one the hated immigrants bring - Islam, when it is already so obvious.
  16. The problem with Christianity is that it is no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining morality and this is evidenced by the fact that those who call themselves Christian neither believe that Christ is also God nor do they any longer have a patriarchy. 
  17. While Muslims believe in an omnipotent and perfectly moral God, Islamophobes worship the slut and regard fornication as their sacrament. 
  18. When Islamophobes talk about the Western way of life, they mean their practice of widespread and indiscriminate fornication. 
  19.  When Islamophobes talk about protecting their way of life, they really mean protecting the slut from criticism, because they know Islam means to shame them publicly with
  20. The West is a degenerate and demented matriarchy because it simultaneously invites Muslims to settle in the West while busily continuing to invade Muslim countries and are even now threatening Turkey and Iran - the world's two most powerful Muslim countries who still have  an independent foreign policy.
  21. This insane policy should be evidence enough of the insanity of the Western political classes, but in reality most voters are unreasoning imbeciles, prepared to believe anything they read in mainstream media. 
  22. There are no longer enough sane and principled people to point out this insanity with enough conviction because the media is controlled by the Deep State who refuse to give up its twin ideologies of neoconservatism and neoliberalism which require the West to invade Muslim countries while simultaneously allowing them to immigrate to the West.
  23. President Trump himself is prevented from preventing Muslims from coming to America even when the danger of Muslim terrorism is clear and present since America is the biggest bomber and mass murderer of Muslims all over the world and should expect Muslims to wish to do Americans harm.
  24.  Everything good and sensible that President Trump wishes to do for the American people is obstructed by the liberal judiciary and the Deep State, because they see him as a threat to their very existence in the way lunatics who have taken over the asylum are instinctively afraid of the sight of men in flapping white coats waiting to bring them under control again. 
  25. While this is not officially accepted, the religion of the West is not Christianity but a combination of Feminism, Democracy and Liberalism.
  26. What is Feminism but the elevation of the fornicatress in status over and above the beta male who does most of the work?
  27. What is Democracy but the practice of allowing the sheeple - who will believe in any lie however absurd - to vote by pandering to their stupidity and venality?
  28. What is Democracy but the pandering of fools by knaves?
  29. What is Liberalism but policies that promote sexual liberation in order to elevate the fornicatress in status over and above the beta male who does most of the work? 
  30. What is Liberalism but Neoliberalism, which is but allowing foreigners to come to your country to take over just because you have a labour shortage caused by Feminism?
  31. What is Feminism but the encouragement of women to become fornicatresses to distract both men and women from having enough legitimate children while they are young enough and from bringing them up properly?
  32. All advanced civilisations are patriarchies.
  33. All declining and primitive societies are matriarchies.  
  34. What should replace Christianity which failed to protect the West from Democracy, Feminism and Liberalism, the failed and degenerate ideologies of the West? 
  35. If monotheism were a car, Islam would be the latest model. 
  36. Islam is Monotheism III. 
  37. Judaism is obviously too hard and high-maintenance for the already degenerate gentiles of the West. 
  38. Christianity is irreparably broken and has in any case been infested and rotten with liberals and feminists for decades.  
  39. Hinduism is too alien to Western culture.
  40. Buddhism is too vague an ideology for you to base your legal system on it. 
  41. When you have eliminated the impossible, then what remains, however improbable, must be the answer.  
  42. The answer must be Islam because its rules are more capable of giving justice to all than some ad hoc ideology conceived of by nationalists who have a tendency to be anti-Semitic, Islamophobic and racist.
  43. If Islam is "Judaism Lite", then Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite".
  44. By using the Koran as a basis for our laws, belief in God is assumed, but not enforced.
  45. By infusing our laws with Koranic principles, the patriarchy can be re-established and the matriarchy defenestrated. 
  46. Even if governments, nations and empires fall, the assumption will be that God's laws still prevail, or else we will be swinging backwards and forth forever on the pendulum of moral restraint and sexual licence, refusing to learn the lessons of history the most important of which is that the rules of traditional marriage will always be useful as a means of continuing your civilisation because it maintains and improves the quality of the next generation as long as men and women have offspring through sexual reproduction.
  47. God, if He exists, is Darwinian. His purpose is to divide us into nations so that we may compete against each other, rewarding the best of nations with His blessings and punishing the worst of nations with His curses.
  48. The best of His nations will have empire and wealth, for they will interpret and apply His laws most correctly.
  49. The worst of His nations will suffer poverty and be enslaved, for they will not just flout His laws, but deny His very existence as well as the existence of His prophets.  
  50. Islam is the most practical of all the Abrahamic faiths because it assumes that our laws should be in harmony with morality, with punishment for breaking God's laws to be suffered in this lifetime rather than the next, for the betterment of human civilisation through keeping the matriarchy at bay, while guaranteeing freedom of belief.
I probably do need to belabour the point that it is only the Koran that guarantees freedom of belief and only the Koran that absolutely forbids usury.

But stubborn sclerotic old people suffering from dementia and denial would rather go to their graves believing that Christianity is better than Islam and liberal democracy the only kind of government to have.  

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