Friday, 14 April 2017

Nick Griffin says he is inclined to support traditionalist Muslims

#RedIce give airtime to Anne Marie Waters! Come on people, wise up! She's a lesbian neo-con provocateur who is COMPLETELY in bed with the Zionists who are trying to exploit legitimate concerns about Islamism to get us to fight their Greater Israel war in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Breitbart give space to a major article which sees the main problem with Islam being that it denies transexuals their 'rights'.

FFS, there are many real and huge problems with mass immigration and Islamisation, but the fact both impinge on liberal decadence is utterly irrelevant to nationalists, traditionalists, ethno-nationalists and Christians.

It just shows that the so-called 'alt-right' isn't 'right' at all. It's just the perverts doing to the 'right' what they've already done to the 'left' - namely take it over and make it look utterly ridiculous and irrelevant to ordinary people.

Here's the bottom line: The very core of our problem with mass immigration is our own catastrophically low birthrate, and the feminisation of our society. Which makes the anti-normal lobbies a major part of the problem, and most definitely NOT part of the solution.

As for the 'march' that these freaks are promoting, if I turn up I'll join with any traditionalist Muslims who come out to oppose it!

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