Monday, 10 April 2017

Religion and Nationalism

It is a fact of history that the stronger religion of the invader takes over the weaker religion of the vanquished.

The invader must have been stronger and cleverer to have successfully invaded.

Once successfully vanquished, the vanquished accept surrender by adopting the religion of their invaders.

They do this because they assume that it was the religion of their invaders that made the invasion successful.

Primitive civilisations were polytheist and advanced by becoming monotheist. Europe was polytheist and advanced when it became monotheist after it emerged from the Fall of Rome.

It is rational to worship the most powerful God you know of because if you want to worship a deity, it would be rational to worship the most powerful and wisest.

No deity is more powerful than the Abrahamic God who, if He exists, is omnipotent, omniscient, unique, perfectly moral and perfectly wise.

There are three main branches of monotheism: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Christianity has clearly failed because nominally Christians nations have not been protected from the insane domestic and foreign policies of their liberal governments, but we gentiles cannot be expected to convert to high-maintenance Judaism and be forever fussing with our food and wondering if we should really stone our disobedient sons or each other to death for breaking the Sabbath. In any case, Jews would resent us for having ideas above our station just as any exclusive social club would look on with horror at the idea of the hoi polloi banging on their door demanding admission. If Judaism is an exclusive golf club, Islam is a political party.

If Islam is "Judaism Lite", then Secular Koranism is "Islam Lite". Islam gives gentiles the benefits of social conservatism if they believe in the Abrahamic God, without requiring them to believe in the absurdity of the Trinity.

When you have eliminated the impossible, then what remains, however improbable, must be the answer.

Islam, mutatis mutandis for the West, must be the answer.

The only way for the West to reform Islam is to itself adopt and adapt it.

There is no reason why nationalists should not also be pragmatists, is there?

Grown up nationalists understand that social conservatism is the indispensable ingredient of nationalism because they understand that without patriarchy there can be no nation. (This is because it is men on the whole who care about posterity, tradition, morality, national identity and the long term national interest who are expected to defend it with their lives. These concepts are in fact alien to materialistic women who are mostly feminists, who have all the power but none of the responsibilities.)

The reason why Trump cannot beat the deep state is simply because he chose to listen to his daughter rather than his former comrade in arms Steve Bannon. We must not forget that Trump is himself a product of the matriarchy and has now decided to pander to it instead of fighting it. Now that we know that he chose to please his daughter and his son-in-law instead of sticking to his nationalist principles, we must now regretfully accept that he has nailed his colours to the mast of the matriarchy.

Of this nationalists and the alt-right should take note as an indication of the direction the Trump Administration will now take from now on.

Like personal identity, national identity is fluid. It does not matter that our national identity now is not the same national identity as our ancestors, as long as we have a national identity that is rational and moral whose product is good government, and not irrational and immoral whose products are a high crime rate, economic instability, social disintegration and national fragmentation.

Feminist and neoliberal government policies that facilitate and enable sexual liberation damage the institutions of marriage and the family, which undermine the patriarchy. Neoconservative foreign policy is about spreading these ideas globally by force of arms to undermine the ability of individual nations to fight irrational and immoral ideas.

The West is a matriarchy, and therefore the antithesis of patriarchal moral values. Matriarchies are the modern day equivalent of the Amalekites Jews have a religious duty to exterminate whose oppression Muslims also have a duty to struggle against until this oppression is no more.

But what if you do not believe in God, or are, God forbid, an anti-Semite or an Islamophobe?

There is no requirement to believe in God at all to agree with me that all civilised and rational societies require their government to support marriage.

There is no requirement to believe in God to agree with me that most people want to believe in God in just the same way most children want to believe in Santa because it makes them feel good, happy and safe.

There is no requirement to believe in God to acknowledge that social cohesion is obtained by people accepting that their laws are in harmony with morality, and morality is in harmony with their religion.

Even if God does not in fact exist, His laws can easily be found in the Bible and the Koran whose existence even militant atheists cannot deny.

If you want your country back, then venturing to discuss what I have just said with your friends and family is the very least you can do.

If you have no friends and no family you feel confident of discussing this with without being betrayed or denounced, it is time to question your values and the way you have led your life.

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