Saturday, 20 May 2017

Advice to young people holding Conservative and Nationalist views considering university

I remember my law student days and the mockery that came with it. The memory that comes to mind is one of students reading out the Riot Act in my presence, which I took in good part. How about proposing and organising a group to protect the interests and rights of students and employees holding Conservative and Nationalist views? Remember, what does not kill you makes you stronger!

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SP said...

Being honest. if any student votes for the same old three main parties. Who say one thing and do another. then you rewlly have yourselves to blame when you get into debt over student fees and everything else. Can not afford a home and so on. Why not do the same as the French did. Vote out the same old lies and vote for a party that is new and different. Wants to put you, the workers and everything else in a better place! People like me are just ordinary folk. Who like most of you. have been through all of this time after time and see no results. help or anything. Unless your rich and greedy! people like the ordinary man in the street. Working hard to make a living only to see it taken away by taxes that go to the illegal eu instead of the things you want is just dam annoying!!! We need a change. Do what the French have tried to do. Kick out the main three parties. Vote in a different party who can make changes. yes it is hard. But thats how it will be. But with full support by the people of this coutry. We can do it. With your help. Not forgotten every 5 years!!! Vote UKIP and lets make the change for the better!!!