Saturday, 20 May 2017

How to stop undermining the patriarchy and re-establish it

It is really only fornicating sluts that men cannot say no to that undermine the patriarchy. Notice how our feminist matriarchy treats proposals to shame sluts as akin to blasphemy? That is because feminism operates on bribing and distracting men with premarital sex. If men can get sex before marriage, they are less likely to marry or defend marriage. Being primarily motivated by sex, men will do anything for sex, including marry. Men must acknowledge that they are the weaker sex in saying no to no-strings sex and treat any attempt by sluts to offer them premarital sex as an attempt to undermine the patriarchy and nation, if not human civilisation itself.

"Get thee away from me, thou fornicating temptress!" could be a useful form of words for Western Man to use against any loose woman eagerly pressing him to accept her sexual favours and services.

It is to be doubted that Western Man is actually capable of refusing sex from women eager to have sex with him: it would be like expecting a starving man to refuse free delicious hot food. Unless there are laws to protect Western Man from shameless sluts, I fear the project to sanctify marriage again in the West will fail. All is not lost, for would publicly humiliate sluts. Once this is implemented, the number of fornicating sluts would be significantly reduced, making marriage again an attractive bargain to men who want legitimate children and social respectability. No fault divorce would have to be abolished before marriage again becomes an attractive bargain to men, however.


AB said...

Not that you are sex obsessed or anything, Claire...

Claire Khaw said...

Sexual morality is what's it all about.