Saturday, 13 May 2017

Howard Dare on cucked Western Man, linking feminism to terrorism and immigration

Howard Dare:

Look at our education system. It's filled up with angry bitter old women that hate men and hate boys for the  most part. Well, they don't hate female children, I guess, but they're quite crazy. They have no real skills, no real abilities and within the educational system, they don't even teach hard sciences. They only teach social sciences and they're creating  Social Justice Warriors that like to stage political protests that are really just like children pitching a fit, but also send this message to civilisation and society at large which says "Here's a group of people that if you don't give them what they want, they will shut down civilisation." That's the real message. We have people that are that childish, that are that immature, that are that detached from reality, and the reason they've gotten this way is because men have been trying to make women happy. That's what it's about: it's trying to please the mother, trying to win the affection of women, and by extension taking care of the weak and giving credit to those who haven't earned it and shunning the credit to those who have earned it.

It's this indoctrinated poison that gets forced on any of the strong, capable, confident men. The entirety of Western civilisation is geared towards pleasing women, giving them what they want even when they haven't earned it and it's disgusting because you're not just giving free stuff to women who haven't earned it, you're taking it away from the people who have earned it, so you're killing their motivation and you're acting like this is the moral right thing to do.

Women are very unhappy. and who wouldn't be under those circumstances? They don't earn their own way.  They don't earn the credit that they take in society. "She's just as good as a man in that job"? No, she's not. She does about 20% less work. she's about 20% slower, she needs about 20% more care, and even then she's not going to be as effective, and she's not going to improve and catch on as quickly, and then be able to be depended and relied upon.

I have no problem with men and women having equal rights under the law, but if you give them credit that they haven't earned. I know you do that for children, I understand that, but to have a whole technological civilisation capitulating to the demands of immature, emotional and manipulative children - that's the quality of women I am talking about.

Men and women have different life experiences and treating them the same way is not a good idea, it doesn't work and is going to create a bunch of entitled, privileged, ineffective women, and it's gonna produce a bunch of timid, unhealthy, unsure men. It really is going to be the worst of both worlds.

When you try to make someone happy, when you give them false rewards, you just end up creating this entitled, arrogant, privileged, under-accomplished fool - and isn't that how the majority of women walk around like little big men, storming into an area, giving orders?

If you don't go along with this way of behaving, you're going to get kicked out of the group, you're going to lose your job. It's going to start out pretty subtly that you are not going to be invited to meetings, people are giving you dirty looks and eventually you're going to be fired, or it'll be so difficult for you to work in that environment that you'll have to move on. Go ahead, stand up and assert yourself and say "Look, as a man, I think I am being treated unfairly. I think should be judged on my work, my deeds, my words, not on some superficial thing about how I get on with one person or not, I'm here to do a job not make friends", and it won't work. People will look at you like you're crazy.

Civilisation bends over backwards trying to make women happy, trying to give them what they want, and you just end up with them being all angry, incompetent and ineffective.

There's nothing a woman needs from a man. She doesn't need a man's money, she doesn't need a man's protection or affection, she doesn't need a man to help raise her child, she doesn't even need a man for his genetic material: she can go to a sperm bank and get it. At any given moment, she can accuse a man of inappropriate behaviour. Even if it's a lie, after it destroys a man's life and emotionally rapes him, she can so "Oh well, I made a mistake" or "Oh, I was upset" and the judge will still award her $50 million. That's how far we go to please women and make them happy and it doesn't work any more than giving everyone a first place trophy.

Naturally, a man loves women, wants to please and protect women and win their approval. It is very natural, but when the man is driven out of his workplace, is attacked for being a man, is attacked for everything he does for maybe looking at a woman's boobs, you shame the men and drive them out, and they become angry, resentful, hateful and bitter.

You want to give them men's jobs, you want to treat men as if they were as strong and capable as men, so this little five foot woman who weighs around 140 pounds is going to walk around with a belt looped through her belt loops spitting on the ground, scratching her crotch and looking at a six and a half foot 250 pound man and saying shit like "I don't wanna take no shit from you, I don't wanna get no trouble from you, buddy, you better do your job, you better do as you're told," and she turns and she spits and the man is supposed to look at his feet and say "Yes, ma'am, right away, ma'am"? People are gonna be real happy going along with that.

So does that make women happy, cos you're doing everything they want, you're agreeing with them on everything. Does that make women happy? 

Look at the immigration crisis in Europe.  

"Hey, would you like to bring in a bunch of people who hate your guts, wanna kill you and use up your resources, attack your children and shit like that, despise everything you stand for and believe in [Might this be feminism?], with full grown men standing in your city streets, living off your welfare while they attack your children? Would you like to do that?"

The men are, like, "Of course I don't want do that. I would never do anything like that in my right mind and considering it just sets off a whole bunch of uncomfortable, unpleasant instincts within me, truly."

But then the women say:

"But we feel sorry for them. We think of them like children fleeing from a war zone. We want to take care of them."

And them men are, like: 

"OK, OK, we'll do it, we'll do it."

That's how bad it is, that's how inbred this capitulating to women has become within the Western civilised man, or how strongly it's conditioned and indoctrinated into them. And if they don't show that love and affection to the female mother figure, they don't get mother's milk, they don't survive. So when mother or the woman says:

"I'm unhappy," the woman says:

"I'll do anything you want."

You would think that would make women happy, but it certainly doesn't. And it destroys civilisation, doesn't it?

Muslim terrorists are way less scary than the feminists cucked Western men are afraid of, because they still want to fuck them, and in order to fuck them, they have to please and obey them.

Yes, Howard, these Muslims do despise everything you stand for, in particular your despicable capitulation to feminine mediocrity and nauseating displays of male subservience and self-abnegation, but I think you despise it too yourself, don't you? Western Man is indeed as despicably cucked as that fisherman in the story of The Fisherman and His Wife

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