Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Ideology A gives up its principles in order to fight Ideology B. Which ideology has won?

This is a no-brainer of a question, especially so if Ideology B already contains this principle that Ideology A has given up in order to fight it.

Was freedom of worship a principle that originated from the Koran or from the Bible? In the Koran it this verse at

Can you find any reference in the Bible at all to the principle of freedom of worship?

The First Amendment was derived from the Koran

This is post is addressed to Islamophobes who want to ban Islam and want to close down all mosques in Europe and who probably want to intern and expel all Muslims until the problem of Muslim terrorism is solved.

That suicide bombing in Manchester yesterday probably wasn't planned in a mosque, I don't think.

Do you think the government has the political will to intern and then expel them as you are clearly hoping will happen?

This a problem for all NATO countries. Leaving NATO would be a revolutionary act and once European countries start leaving NATO, the incidence of Muslim terrorism would abate, since NATO military aggression is directed at Muslim countries provoking Muslim terrorism.

For some curious reason, Islamphobes of the West cannot bring themselves to believe that Western foreign policy towards Muslim countries is in any way defective.

Over the years I have tried to point out again and again that all terrorism throughout the ages is provoked by bad government policy, without exception, but no one seems able to engage on this point substantively or at all.

It is ironic that while Muslims believe in the existence of an omnipotent and morally perfect Abrahamic God that Jews and Christians are also supposed to believe in, Western atheists apparently believe that Western foreign policy is perfect and in no way defective, even as they have been complaining about the stupidity and corruption of their own politicians and governments for decades, if not centuries.

Which belief is more absurd?

a) the belief that an omnipotent and morally perfect God exists

b) the belief that Western foreign policy towards Muslim countries is morally perfect and no Muslim anywhere in the world could possibly have a valid grievance against its practitioners and supporters or wish to harm a single hair on their head

Make no mistake, the sclerotic and demented leaders of European governments are about as likely to summon up the political will to intern and expel Muslims as they are likely to consider leaving NATO.

If Britain left NATO, would the Americans start bombing Britain? If they did, that really would be the end of NATO. Worth the risk and sacrifice for this demonstration of naked American imperialism, I would suggest.

Once NATO goes, the EU would go. Once European countries are free from the shackles of NATO and the EU, the European peoples would get their countries back from the globalists and Muslims. There is work to be done however: words to be said and positions taken.

None of our contemptible and spineless politicians show any signs of doing so, not even those who oppose the mainstream political parties whose leaders unofficially but slavishly follow whatever orders the American give us, because they are all in the pocket of the Military Industrial Security Complex.

Who will be first to start the race?

Which European nation will be the first to leave NATO and which the last?

Will Britain win for both races to leave the EU and NATO?

I like to think so.

Which would you choose: for you and your children to be murdered for religious or political reasons?

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