Wednesday, 10 May 2017

There are only two kinds of morality because there are only two sexes

They are:

1) patriarchal moral values advocating moral restraint supporting marriage and the family; and

2) matriarchy based on the polite fiction of egalitarianism which produced feminism and socialism.

This culture has resulted in widespread fornication, bastardy, paedophilia, gay marriage and the decline and fall of Western civilisation.

Always choose the lesser evil. The lesser evil is patriarchy because all advanced civilisations are patriarchies, and all declining and primitive societies are matriarchies.

Why would you choose to live in a primitive and declining society when you can choose to continue to live in an advanced civilisation?

You are more likely to choose the "morality" of the matriarchy ie PC Liberalism if you are:

a) a baby boomer who doesn't want to admit that you and your government have mortgaged the futures of future generations with the irresponsible government policies you initiated, promoted and supported;

b) a feminist who doesn't give a damn about Western civilisation because you want to destroy the patriarchy;

c) an SJW leftist who wants to undermine marriage because you cannot afford a wife and are prepared to do what feminists want in order to have sex with these women without having to marry them;

d) an atheist who doesn't care what happens after he or she is dead and thinks the status quo will last till you die;

e) a childless degenerate with no biological investment in the next generation;

f) a baby boomer who brought up your children so badly you hate them and want them and their descendants to suffer, or don't care if they do;

g) a degenerate who denies that degeneracy is a problem because you don't mind being degenerate;

h) a morally corrupted and intellectually dishonest denier that one or some or all of the above applies to you even when it does.

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