Wednesday, 3 May 2017

What I would have said if I had been Belinda Brown on The Big Questions

I used to want to appear on it, but all you do is just end up looking stupid and sad in "Nicky" Campbell's rigged debates. Effeminate men who call themselves Nicky are obviously libtards who cannot be trusted.

Without using their ridiculous terminology or allowing them to command the terms of debate, I would have said:

"Life is complicated enough and it is hard enough deciding what one should do for the best even when we are happy with the sex we were born as. Why make things complicated for ourselves and others? If people are confused about their gender, we should just assume they are mentally ill or suffer from some character defect. Based on this assessment, we should avoid marrying them and have as little to do with them as possible. For those who suffer from gender confusion and dysphoria, the best way of curing them of this is to treat them as mentally ill, and tell them to look on the bright side: mental illness is curable while being born in the wrong sex is not."

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