Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Why men will never get back their country again as long as democratic politicians keep chasing the female vote

Points to note:

1) Trump lost the popular vote in 2017. (This means Hillary Clinton got more votes from women than Trump from men.) There are more female voters than male voters in the US.

2) There are more Frenchwomen who are voters than there are Frenchmen who are voters.

3) The average age of the French citizen is 41.

4) 41+ is the age of the cougar.

5) Macron is a cub.

6) Frenchwomen voting for Macron were more numerous than Frenchmen voting for Le Pen.

7) Most Frenchwomen voting for Macron probably imagined themselves as being cougar to the President of France who would be their cub. If you are going to be cougar to a cub, the most perfect high status cub would be the alpha male of your country with no desire for children of his own.

8) Widow-burning was practised by Hindus and they didn't even have to worry about the unintended consequences of female suffrage in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage.

9) Those who prefer security to liberty deserve neither.

10) Let's face it: women prefer security to liberty.

11) Men who allow the female preference to predominate without successfully challenging it deserve neither freedom nor liberty.

12) Denial is a feminine vice.

13) The conquered takes on the mindset of their conqueror.

14) Beta males without an alpha male leader are like women because no beta male will accept the authority of another. Therefore beta males without an alpha male leader will be just a bunch of women bitching about each other with each other, who will never get it together to overthrow the matriarchy.

15) If Trump cannot do it, how can Marine Le Pen do it?

16) Will Marine Le Pen win in 2022? What will the average age of the French be by then? We know how sentimental and stubborn old people can be, don't we?

17) Old people have the luxury of denial because they think that by the time the shit hits the fan they will be long gone.

From the 4th minute:

"That 85% of women voting for Macron doesn't seem to be substantiated or substantiable."


44% of voters aged 18 - 24.

38% of voters aged 25 - 34

40%  of voters aged 35 - 49

36% of voters aged 50 - 64

20% of voters aged 60+

"The pensioners and baby boomers are really against Le Pen. Only 1 in 5 of the voted Le Pen."

"The younger you are, the more likely you are to vote for Le Pen."

If you are on your pension, you are more likely to want immigrants to keep coming to pay for your pension.

Greg Johnson:

We just have to wait for the baby boomers to die.
Democracy is a dumb system because most people are too dumb to vote for their own survival.  
Democracy is a bad idea because people need paternalism. If you give people the vote and you allow their media and their political system to be dominated by enemies and rootless people and sociopaths, chances are they are going to make the wrong decision. You need to take that decision away from them and you need better elites. 
We have to replace the political establishment before it replaces us.
If we have to end democracy, that's all well and good because people flourish under a certain degree of paternalism. 
We're miserable today because we are too free.  
The proposal to change the name of Front Nationale is fake and gay.  
The left have been changing the electorate to make it totally impossible to allow the French to control their destiny.  
Race replacement makes democracy illegitimate.  
Le Pen should have challenged the legitimacy of the election.

Sensible women would vote to abolish female suffrage too. For every sensible female voter there are 12 silly female voters. Sensible women would therefore vote to deprive themselves of the vote. 


It is inevitable that whites wake up, it is inevitable that once they do they will take action, and it's inevitable that once they take action they will win.

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