Monday, 29 May 2017

Why white people are suffering an existential crisis

White people feel they are fading away because they are demoralised, godless and the victims of cultural appropriation. Their culture such as it is, consists of consumerism, sexual liberation and spectator sport. Indeed, you could even say that white culture consists of indulging in as many of the the Seven Deadly Sins as possible to their fullest possible extent, and white identity consists of being unable to list them.

Clearly, something more than a culture of consumption is needed to make white people feel good, safe and special like good little children who believe in Santa eagerly awaiting Xmas. Sadly for them, white people do not even have the appearance or perception of being governed well, for they despise and distrust their politicians, readily believing that there is no evil their politicians cannot be guilty of. They have also noticed that every time they vote in a general election, their governments get worse and their politicians progressively - pun intended - more corrupt and stupid.

The penny is beginning to drop that indiscriminate universal suffrage has been a grave error and it is the female voter who is always voting for more restrictions on liberty through more laws designed to protect promiscuous women from their own folly as well as higher public spending through higher taxes to fund their parasitic existence.

The penny is beginning to drop that feminism is the cock blocker of nationalism and rationally good government.

The penny is beginning to drop that the US President - supposedly the most powerful man in the world - is not really in charge of anything at all.

The penny is beginning to drop that the US is not governed by the people, but by an anonymous and unaccountable deep state who care nothing about the long term national interest or the American people at all.

The penny is beginning to drop that nothing short of a revolution - which does not necessarily have to be violent assuming we will be allowed to have an honest debate about the issues I have raised and an honest intention to correct past errors - is necessary to change things.

The solution to living in a degenerate matriarchy is obviously to regenerate it with a patriarchy capable of maintaining patriarchal moral values.

Sadly for white people, they know they are too degenerate to even want to be cured and just want to fade away as soon and as painlessly as possible.

As Livy said, "We can endure neither our vices nor the remedies for them."

So this has happened before.

To get better, white people have to at least want to be cured, but they are all just sitting around waiting for death or wondering why they are not dead already, and I am really not sure if anything more can be done for the patient.

Even if they were to be miraculously cured, Western civilisation as we know it would end, because they would have to change their system of government from a slut-worshipping democracy practising sexual liberation to a one-party theocracy sexually repressing extramarital sex. The shock would be too great for the patient, don't you think?

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