Saturday, 20 May 2017

Women in the workplace

Regrettably, this has lowered standards in public life. Because women are entitled to the excuses and privileges of their sex, men now feel they are entitled to the excuses and privileges of the feminine sex in the name of gender equality and gender justice. This explains our Culture of Entitlement and Excuses and why fathers now have paternity leave, increasing labour costs and lowering further our international competitiveness.

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IZ said...

Good analysis. No-one in their right mind would want to employ a woman who can suddenly demand a year's pay in maternity leave. Women should - by and large - leave work when they have babies and not expect to be employed at the same level as men. (Look at the current drive to employ female firefighters IN PREFERENCE to men - what a joke!).

At the same time, the male breadwinner demanding the same feminine privileges in the form of paternity leave further handicaps the economy.

Sadly, in Britain, we now have a Conservative government increasingly wedded to socialism, so the situation can only get worse.