Monday, 5 June 2017

Islamophobes *want* more Muslim terrorism

Do listen to his voice and how it goes up and octave with hatred and look at his face as he speaks. He complains about our government not having any "bollocks" apparently not having noticed that Theresa May and Amber Rudd do not possess the male sex organ.

Islamophobes need a group to hate. This is the only form of identity they are left with now. Islamophobes have no religion because the indigenous white urban proletariat has not had any religion in generations because Christianity is kaput. They also hate their own government, despise their own women, distrust each other and have no other common ground. Islamophobia is their only rallying cause.

Asking them to give up their hatred of Muslims is like asking them to give up the only focus of their identity. Believe me, I know these people.

Muslims are the convenient focus of their hatred because they are racially, culturally and ideologically alien to what passes for culture in Britain.

The white culture and practice of bombing brown people around the world for no good reason and then shrugging their shoulders indifferently when the victims of their foreign policy complain of having their people killed is also part of their white identity.  This aspect of their military superiority and insouciance is also something they would dearly like to hang on to.

Islamophobes think they are closer to interning and expelling Muslims now every time Muslim terrorists strike. These Islamophobes want more Muslim terrorism so they can start organising their vigilante mobs.

But we only have Jemima Puddle Cressida Dick to sleepily deal with them, apparently behind a fog of tranquilisers.

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EO said...

l like and respect this man as he is not afraid to speak the truth .and l'm sure all our voices are raised when discussing lslam .muzlims voices are always raised with hate for the British people and he doesnt go out and blow up innocent people .

Claire Khaw said...

Can anyone who has ever had to decide which bribe to accept ever be considered innocent?