Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Nationalism and Traditional Morality

From the 9th minute Millennial Woes discusses civic nationalism and says it is not concerned with the long term.

Judaism is ethno-nationalist, while Islam is civic nationalist.

Judaism is an exclusive golf club, but Islam is a political party in a one-party state.

Even if you are operating under civic nationalism, you will need a dominant culture and a dominant race, but what must be borne in mind is that this dominant race must not be degenerate living in a degenerate culture. 

The preoccupation with race is a red herring since it is not exactly unknown for people of the same race in the same nation to have a civil war.  

Japan is undeniably ethno-nationalist, but it is possible that its culture is no longer sustainable, going by this documentary at

My theory is that it is caused by the Japanese government allowing the pill.

34 years on, Japan finally prepares to swallow Pill 

Once you licence fornication, that is the end of the beginning of the end of your civilisation. It is for this reason that Christianity treats fornication as a mortal sin and Islam treats it as a sexual offence

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