Monday, 5 June 2017

Not a review of The Strange Death of Europe by Douglas Murray

Isn't it interesting that the most vociferous Islamophobes are gay/single men who have no intention of fathering legitimate children?

I knew for years that the Islamophobic Douglas Murray, author of The Strange Death of Europe, was gay, but only yesterday discovered that Paul Joseph Watson was also gay.

The least you can do to perpetuate your race is to sexually reproduce and have legitimate children. If you can't quite bring yourself do that, it means something is very wrong with you and/or your society. It could mean that you are gay, that you cannot face marrying a member of your race, or just can't find anyone to marry you. Don't try to get round the problem by proposing internment and expulsion of the competing group and in this way get rid of the competition, because even if you do get rid of them you would still be a degenerate matriarchy.

Even if you do manage to intern and expel those pesky Muslims, your society would still be degenerate if most people don't marry the other parent of their offspring, if they commit incest, are sodomites, don't get round to being parents, or, if they become parents don't teach their children well.
If you are being outclassed by a group of people who don't go by your rules and go by rules that you find too hard to keep, the problem is not with them, but with you.

So now we know that the reason why the West is being overwhelmed by immigration is because Western governments have been indulging in the degenerate practice of prioritising the female preference for decades. Political parties of the West know they have to attract the female vote in order to be voted into office and this means having ever more restrictive laws to protect feckless females from their own stupidity and promiscuity and ever higher levels of public spending to bribe these irresponsible female voters into voting for a high spending and high taxing government.

And, because these feckless females do not have enough offspring or damage them by depriving them of their fathers, increasing numbers of immigrant labour are required as a result of the labour shortage caused by a declining birth rate whose members are so badly brought up and educated they are mostly unemployable, and an ageing population.

This of course makes the beta male victims of feminism angry and margnalised, but feckless females have grown accustomed to silencing men who dare to challenge the matriarchy by accusing them of rape, sexism, racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism.

Even being victims of Muslim terrorism has a feminine cause because Muslims represent the fightback against matriarchy, for Islam is an ideology of patriarchy.

Muslim terrorism as well as Islamophobic terrorism from the likes of Anders Breivik ad Thomas Mair are a manifestation of male rage at having to live under a government that enacts policies that actively destroys marriage and the family making all men the beta male victims of feminism up to and including the US President.

There is no suggestion that Murray has a solution from this interview with Laura Perrins or that he is interested in discussing any proposal that does not accord with his atheist and homosexual preferences that threaten his licence to enjoy his sexual liberation.

Childless atheists fighting Muslims with a belief in an omnipotent and morally perfectly personal God are as likely as savages who rarely have legitimate offspring hoping to ultimately defeat an enemy with nuclear weapons.

The fact that this book is receiving so much praise from the liberal establishment must be indicative of its vacuity.

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