Saturday, 3 June 2017

Only a theocracy would give us a minimal state as well as good government and patriarchy

Please see the comments we have sent to HOPE not hate:
'Ladies for Philip Davies founding member Elizabeth Hobson was invited to deliver her infant male circumcision presentation at the forum after appearing at the free speech discussion club, the extremists club. She did not know that they are associated with people such as Irving at the time.
Her presentation has excellent research into the area of male genital mutilation and at the time she was happy to have any public platform to discuss a controversial issue, such as the abuse of consent and bodily autonomy of infant baby boys.
As staunch free speech supporters we respect the right of the forum to exist, but we do not agree with all the views expressed at the forum. Especially those of ethno nationalist nature and those who deny aspects of or if the holocaust happened.
The extremists club is a forum for free speech and has a variety of views which vary across the political and philosophical spectrum.
Unfortunately, we live in a ridiculously politically correct culture that anything that doesn't fit in with the mainstream media which is domainated by the ideology of the progressive left and centre right.
We also have people, such as yourself (hope not hate) who claim to be 'anti fascist' yet you support denying people with views you disagree with platform's to speak to the public. We believe that the public have enough common sense to judge arguments when presented fairly and without smear. This article is yet another attempt to smear Philip Davies, who has pointed out real inaccuracies in the focus on gender and the absurdity of political correctness.
Also, we would like to add that the liberty belles do not agree with Claire Khaws view that the UK needs a 'Theocracy'. This goes against the very foundation of libertarian philosophy.
For those of you who like to read 'hope not hate' please use your internet search engine to fine out what libertarianianism is. If you are a mature adult capabale of listening to opposing arguments and able to handle conflict without having a melt down, it might just make some sense to you, we found it very empowering as individuals and especially, as women.'
Claire Khaw The only way to have a minimum state now is to have a theocracy
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Claire Khaw How a theocracy could be useful for atheists
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Claire Khaw Man's Greatest Achievement is the Creation of God
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Claire Khaw There are only two kinds of morality because there are only two sexes
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Claire Khaw Atheism + Feminism = Matriarchy 

Monotheism + Marriage = Patriarchy

Marriage is an indispensable ingredient of patriarchy. 

The most important thing about marriage is the rule that everyone should only have sex with the other parent of their offspring. 

This is undeniably a very high standard of sexual morality and this understandably dismays the degenerate who have had their character fatally weakened after over half a century of moral laxity. 

Because it is such a very high standard of morality, God was created and then conscripted into protecting this institution. 

If you are complaining about the craziness of our degenerate matriarchy, the solution is patriarchy. 

If you want patriarchy, you have to practice marriage. 

If you want a society that respects the rules of marriage, you have to obey the laws of God which forbid extramarital sex because this is the only way to respect the most important rule of marriage and carry on this civilising human tradition.

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