Thursday, 15 June 2017

The Purpose of Religion

People who are prepared to kill to help their group are members of a group more likely to survive than a group whose members pride themselves on never being prepared to protect members of their group they have never met.

All religions/political ideologies are about promoting group solidarity. Judaism, Islam and social conservatism are more effective at this than modern Christianity, feminism and liberalism put together.

A measure of group solidarity is the readiness of the individual to make the ultimate sacrifice for the group over some abstract principle of justice. Islam is clearly better at this than any other ideology. Islamophobes should reflect on this.

The atheist feels smug knowing he would never sacrifice his own liberty or life for the benefit of his group over some abstract principle while sneering at the Muslim terrorist for being so stupid as to sacrifice anything for people he will never meet, most of whom are in fact already dead, having been mass-murdered by NATO. Let us see whose civilisation survives, however.

The atheist Islamophobe - who is usually also childless and doesn't see the point of marriage and family values - really doesn't give a damn about what happens to his civilisation after he is dead.

And so Islamophobes continue to hate while refusing to admit the error of their ways. Having no religion and no moral principles, the only thing that will bind them to each other will be the colour of their skin and their common hatred of Muslims and of the restrictions of Islam on their sexual licence. Ultimately, similarity of skin colour is insufficient to bind a group together. Once you have descended into degeneracy, abstract ideas such as the national interest or the continuation of your civilisation will never move you into any form of worthwhile political action, except to join them if you can't beat them.

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