Friday, 16 June 2017

The UK Criminal Justice System

The quickest way of improving the criminal justice system is to have an Iranian style revolution, overthrow the matriarchy and establish a one party theocracy governed under the principles of Secular Koranism.

Under this system of condign punishment, of making the punishment fit the crime as well making the criminal pay blood money to his victims, the cost of administering justice will be radically reduced.

Because the Koran very sensibly allows capital and corporal punishment, prison numbers will also be significantly reduced. Doubtless the predicted and predictable success of these common sense policies will delight the Howard League whose raison d’etre is to reduce prison numbers.

To prevent crime, to be tough on crime and the causes of crime, we must go back to basics. These would be the fundamanetal basics of marriage and family values, which John Major tried to promote but was prevented from doing so by the extramarital affairs of Tory MPs and also himself when he succumbed to the seductive charms of one Edwina Currie, the Member for South Derbyshire, a dreadful woman who promoted sexual licence by lowering the age of consent for sodomites from 21 to 16 as well as being a shameless adulteress.

These days the euphemism of fatherlessness is used to describe the homes of unmarried mothers. This is cowardly and unscientific however, because no one is suggesting that these feckless women who became unmarried mothers had offspring blessed by either by an immaculate conception or had virgin births. The biological fact remains that all who are born must have had a father just as if the offspring of the black widow and praying mantis had a father even if he was consumed by their mother soon after conception.

It is well known that most convicted criminals were singly parented. This being so, it is now time to deal with the causes of crime: the unmarried mothers of adult criminals.

In 1974 Keith Joseph attempted in his Edgbaston speech to address this problem by denouncing women who casually conceived and casually parented, but ended up apologising to these unmarried mothers. His career destroyed for having offended fornicating sluts with illegitimate children, he could no longer become leader of the Conservative Party, clearing the way for Margaret Thatcher to make Britain visibly a matriarchy, led by Britain’s first female Prime Minister.

Why is this a bad thing? Because feminazis in public life only encourage the others. We now have a Directrix of Public Prosecutions who is on a campaign to convict as many men accused of rape as she can, and who has in fact changed a fundamental principle of English criminal law, that of requiring the accused to be found guilty beyond reasonable doubt after a fair trial. The burden of proof now falls on the accused to prove he did not rape the complainant. Since shameless sluts are no longer embarrassed about being raped and are in fact now incentivised to accuse men of rape with the payoff from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Board at £11,000a pop, rape accusations against men, especially male undergraduates to discourage men from going to university, are coming thick and fast. The historic sexual offence is also very convenient for showing retired men who were formerly successful and admired eg Rolf Harris, Max Clifford etc how much they are now in the power of unscrupulous and corrupt women: feminazis who wish to destroy patriarchy and civilisation by destroying the institution of marriage.

The solution to improving the criminal justice is however very simple: incorporate into UK law verse 24:2 of the Koran to reduce the crime rate in the long term.

[This c 500 word essay is part of my application to be the Parliamentary Assistant of Philip Davies MP. I have one previous application to be an MP's secretary and believe I would have been successful if I was prepared to take a pay cut. That MP was Simon Hughes. I remember being impressed by his grasp of detail at my interview.]

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