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The ISIS interpretation of Islam comes from the Talmud

Wow, so this is where ISIS got this idea from!

When the Torah says “an eye for an eye”, the Talmud explains this is not taken literally but means monetary compensation must be paid for an injury. When the Torah specifies the death penalty of stoning, the Talmud explains it meant the offender was hurled down from a high place – rather than pelted with stones.

The Koranic treatment is most sensible because it makes sodomy a sexual offence. If you are arrested, tried and convicted you are punished, if not, you are spared, but it remains a sexual offence.

If you must do it, don't get caught.

Once Israel is a theocracy, there will be no such arguments between rabbis on this matter any more.

The punishment for extramarital sex for heterosexuals is 100 lashes. For the sake of sexual orientation equality of punishment for those who indulged in extramarital sex, 100 lashes is what should happen to sodomites too, if caught cottaging or some such.

I say sodomites because they are not to be confused with lesbians, who have a rather different punishment.

What would happen to Nick Griffin and Claudia Dalgleish under Secular Koranism?

  Do not miss this fascinating lecture by Rabbi Dweck about male homosexual acts.

He also says sexuality is a spectrum and Celts were a bit gay.

He then goes on to suggest that we are all a bit gay anyway.

The Christian and Jewish approach to sex is mentioned.

Apparently, the Rambam thanked Christians and Muslims for advancing human civilisation through using ideas from the Torah.

A denunciation of Rabbi Dweck by a very angry Rabbi Bassous

At one point Rabbi Bassous asks if Rabbi Dweck has "gone off his rocker".

I am afraid it is quite long and he is quite angry and there is a lot of reading in Hebrew. There is no doubt which rabbi is more engaging.

Rabbi Bassous does say God is the policeman inside our heads. Yay!

Dweck says sorry for criticising rabbis

Orthodox rabbi calls for removal of top Sephardi leader over LGBT views 

Rabbi Bassous is clearly issuing a very stern warning to Orthodox Jews not to go down the slippery slope where degenerate Christians have already slid down long ago.

Although Rabbi Dweck has not actually said anything halachically wrong, in my humble opinion, his non-condemnatory tone towards the sex revolution is obviously more than any Orthodox Rabbi who takes his Orthodoxy seriously can bear.

Rabbi Mizrachi talks about the "rotten rabbis" who bring the culture of the goyim to corrupt Orthodox Jewry, worse even than Christians or Muslims. They are "horrible people" trying to modify the Judaism. Worst of all are those Orthodox Rabbis who call themselves "modern".

'Jews brought Holocaust on themselves' says Rabbi Mizrachi on his visit to UK

Maimonides views the two major religions, Christianity and Islam, as necessary preparations for the coming of the Messiah and the universal worship of God that will follow in the future.

In his legal opus Hayad Hachazaka, Maimonides states that thanks to both these religions “the world has become full of the ideas of the Messiah, the ideas of the Torah and the ideas of the commandments, so that these have spread to faraway islands and to many dim hearted nations, and they now discuss these ideas and the commandments of the Torah.”

Nevertheless, Maimonides considers both Christians and Muslims to be heretics, mostly because of their various replacement doctrines regarding the Torah and the status of the Jewish nation.

So far, though, Maimonides’ assertions are expressed in the abstract, without hard and fast references to their halachic implications. Both Islam and Christianity are far better than the pagan religions, and both of them are a far cry from the truth of God’s only Torah. 

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