Saturday, 22 July 2017

The moral imperative of theocracy

The purpose of morality is to maintain group solidarity and the existence of the group.

All the Abrahamic faiths promote patriarchal moral values which feminists wish to subvert because they want to destroy the patriarchy.

Patriarchy cannot exist without marriage, and nationalism cannot exist without patriarchy.

Nationalism cannot exist without patriarchy because a matriarchy by definition cannot produce enough strong moral men to challenge and overthrow the matriarchy. (Is Philip Davies MP alone enough to challenge and overthrow our degenerate matriarchy? Was Sir Keith Joseph and Lord Glasman? I rest my case.)

Everything about feminism undermines marriage and the family.

The success of feminism is based on the success with which it bribes men with extramarital sex from immoral women.

A patriarchy is a society which prioritises the preferences of married fathers, a matriarchy a society which prioritises the preferences of unmarried mothers.

Feminist beliefs are based on gender equality in active defiance of Truth, Reason and Morality.

Feminism cannot be termed an alternative form of morality, and is in fact the antithesis of morality itself because its practices would lead to the disintegration of the group, nation or civilisation infected by this virus or cancer.

If what is Satanic is rebellion against God and His prescribed morality for us, then feminism can be said to be Satanic for this reason alone, because it undermines the eugenic practice of marriage through condoning the practice of dysgenic fornication that causes widespread bastardy.

You will not be able to find a single feminist who is not against the practice of slut-shaming and who does not regard fornication as a self-evident human right.

All the Abrahamic faiths treat fornication as a sexual offence. 

The purpose of religion is to maintain morality making the exercise of maintaining morality logically and necessarily a public matter. Therefore morality must by definition be a matter of state, because it can only be done through law and politics. The logic of theocracy beckons.



The people are the grass and the law the wind. When  the wind blows, the grass will bend.

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