Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Claire Khaw described as "whacko" by Millennial Woes for pestering him with questions he refuses to answer. Libtards do that too

From the 16th minute

Q: What happened with Claire Khaw?

A: She just turned out to be completely whacko, honestly, and she was obsessive. She was one of these people who doesn't understand that I cannot give them the attention that they want. It was just ridiculous. I tried to be gentle with her. I tried to explain to her I am sorry I can't answer all your questions. She was spamming my page.

I tried to explain it to her and she refused to understand. 

I think she's got some problems, honestly

And then she tried to poison various people against me.

It's the kind of stuff you hear happening in nationalist circles and I just can't be fucking bothered with it.

From the 24th minute

No, I won't talk to Nick Griffin. I think he is a difficult guy and would probably do more harm than good and I don't admire him, honestly

He won't talk to Nick Griffin either, probably because he was called a "deviant" by him.

Nick Griffin says he would rather have his grandchildren grow up "in a land ruled by the Koran" than by gay alt-right "deviants"

26th minute

Millennial Woes admits he doesn't know enough about fascism to answer a question about it.

I would be happy to talk about fascism and talk to Nick Griffin having interviewed him way back in 2004.

Nick Griffin tells Claire Khaw to fuck off

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