Monday, 4 October 2010

Secular Koranism a weapon to defeat the insanity of both religious fanatics and liberal extremists

It is pretty clear to me anyway that all the Abrahamic faiths were created to strengthen the patriarchy and to prevent a self-destructive, promiscuous and irrational matriarchy from returning society to the barbarism from which it once emerged.

When you are faced with two evils facing your society and civilisation, it would be rational to choose the lesser evil. Patriarchy v Matriarchy: which is the lesser evil?

Secular Koranism invites you to agree that the Koran is a good enough guide for mankind, even if one does not believe in the existence of a living God.

Unfortunately, sloth and pride as well as hate and fear prevent most intelligent and educated people from picking it up and reading it for themselves.

Old Testament/Judaism/Law = Thesis

New Testament/Christianity/Mercy = Antithesis

Koran/Islam/Law, Mercy and Reason = Synthesis

Why are the Muslims such basket cases? Because most of them don't read the Koran in the same way that people who claim to be Christians don't know their Bible either.

Secular Koranism would require that people *qualify* as Secular Koranists through passing an exam. This would actually mean Secular Koranists are in fact better guided than those who claim to be Muslim but have never read the Koran with any understanding or digested or practiced its principles.

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