Sunday, 5 December 2010

Sunday Sermon: On Liberty

Previous generations enjoyed more freedom of speech, contract and association than we do.

This means our freedoms have in fact been eroded but most of us are too dumb to notice or too apathetic to care.

The strongest statement I can make as a libertarian is to join the BNP, in order to stand up for their right to say what they believe to be the truth - ie that they do not like immigration and utterly fail to see how it has benefited people like them - without being smeared as evil Nazi Fascist Racist extremists.

Only those who assert their rights deserve liberty. The views of the ones who wait to be allowed to speak come from an inferior source.

Most of our MPs and those in the political establishment do not deserve to be in government and should not be trusted to represent anyone, because they can be so easily cowed into apologising and resigning for speaking what they think is the truth when asked by someone who is a traitor to their cause to do so.  That traitor to their cause is, tragically and ironically, their own leader.

David Cameron does not mean Conservatism well.  He is like a cushion who bears the imprint of the person who last sat on him - in this case New Labour, who started two unprofitable and unwinnable wars in the name of the British people, who legalised "marriage" for same-sex couples, who are the enemy of selective traditional education and who are too frightened to criticise single mothers who are going forth and multiplying,  increasing the burden of the taxpayer while lowering standards of education and morality with every little bastard that is born in this country every minute of every day.  

These days around 50% of babies are born out of wedlock and 70% of the UK prison population were singly-parented. 

The constitution of the Conservative Party allows David Cameron to say that Conservatism is whatever he says Conservatism is.  If he says Conservatism is Socialism, then it is.  If he says the Big Society is smaller government, then it is, even if it is a lie. If he says he supports marriage while refusing to condemn single mummery because Theresa May has forbidden Tories to be nasty to them, then that policy cannot be questioned, derided or challenged. 

Tories have shit for brains and piss for guts, just like New Labour.  Destination Third World hellhole remains on course.

Where else can you expect our political establishment to lead us to if the supposed alpha male of the British nation - our Prime Minister David Cameron no less -  is too cowardly and hypocritical to even condemn the sluts, slags and slapper single mums who are a burden on the state and who are even now in the process of multiplying themselves?

As I said, the Tories are shit for brains piss for guts limp-dicks, all of them - even the ones who call themselves Libertarians.

We will never return to rationally small government while British  men are afraid of losing the votes of slut and slapper British women.

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Hill Roberts said...

Strong words, Claire. But of course, you are entitled to how you express yourself and I respect it. Thank you for being disarming, too.