Saturday, 19 February 2011

Not the Wei to go

Who the fuck is this young Lord Wei who looks like a handsome Chinese waiter?  Why is someone Chinese getting involved in this crap?  Bloody disgrace. I thought the Chinese were better than that, but I guess you get all sorts these days.

Hitler said in Chow Mein Kampf that no one under 30 should get involved in politics because his opinions tend to be unformed.   Clearly, quite a few things Hitler said was spot on.

I wouldn't become Cameron's Big Brother Ingsoc Czarina even if you paid me £200,000 per month because I have my standards, though I think they are usually comfortably low.

Not the Wei to go, Cameron.  You need me to be your Special Adviser to get you out of this mess.

Here is his boring blog on Ingsoc:

Predictably, it is not comment-enabled or I would have given him a piece of my mind by now.   

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jonnie veal said...

Work 14 hours a day,come home .but some Big Society volunteer work...Give me a break...