Monday, 21 March 2011

Are you stupid enough to think that a no-fly zone is NOT an act of war?

If you are stupid enough to think that a no-fly zone is NOT an act of war, are you stupid enough to admit this?

Are you looking forward to listening to the top echelons of the UK political establishment admitting this, one by one, in radio and TV interviews.

Britain really is the Stupid Country.

Bet they haven't heard that all is fair in love and war either.  But this ain't fair and it ain't war, as far as politicians of Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland are concerned.  Just a crummy no-fly zone ...

Notice, please, how excrementally stupid they are.  Is it anything to do with the infamous promiscuity of their women and the fact that most babies born in Britain these days are bastards?  I think there is a definite connection there.

The lower the morals of women, the lower the educational and moral standards of a society.  

res ipsa loquitur.  Blame it on the slut, slag and slapper women of Britain, America and France.  I do.  It is well-known that men who live in a demented matriarchy cannot think straight in Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland.   All they are fit to do is finding ways of fucking themselves and jerking themselves off on the international stage in front of your face, oblivious to your disgust, hatred and contempt.   


Anonymous said...

Where do you spend your nights out?

Claire Khaw said...

What a strange irrelevant question.