Sunday, 20 March 2011

Pro-Gaddafi/Anti-war Twitter campaign

Follow me on Twitter and be rude to all the warmongers - the least we can do!!/1party4all

"Another British Prime Minister another war."

"May the foul rotten brains of the demented warmongers explode inside their heads and bring them much pain and suffering."

"Thank goodness for the BNP - the only party in this God-forsaken land against the bombing other sovereign nations for spurious reasons."

"Invading [or bombing]another country for the purpose of doing it good is a mad new liberal concept that hasn't quite received general acceptance."

"He will fight to the death and even unto WW3 and it will be all the West's fault."

"If UK had riots in cities you would be rightly suspicious of any outside power takings sides"

"If there were civil war in Britain, I would be suspicious of foreign interference whoever's side it is on."
 "Jingoism is still jingoism though you call yourself a liberal."

"If Gaddafi wins this one, it will be his Battle of Badr. God, if He exists, would show him favour and punish the Hypocrites."

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