Thursday, 17 March 2011

Victimisation of Brian True-May bad for Race Relations

Brian True-May: forbidden to express his artistic opinion in Totalitarian "Liberal" Britain

If Brian True-May is sacked by Steve Morrison of All 3 Media and other ITV executives involved in deciding his fate, they will have damaged race relations much much more than if the National Front attempted to establish a branch of the Klu Klux Klan and held a meeting in Brixton Town Hall.

Just as long as they know this.

They should know that there many jokes circulating about introducing ethnic minority characters into Midsomers Murders and then having white people murder them.

I really do think the liberals have delighted us for quite long enough.  They are the ideology that conclusively demonstrates that universal suffrage was a bad idea, and that the flaw of representative democracy is that eventually the stupid people will take over, and you will have a Prime Minister afraid of Mumsnetters, who are bad mothers, bad employees, bad wives and mostly promiscuous women who are now single parents who have messed up their lives rattling their begging bowl aggressively and often at the British taxpayer.

The British Prime Minister is afraid of these social parasites because too many of them now have the vote. Not only are they stupid, they are actually capable of breeding more stupid people until the Britain Isles are overwhelmed by a tsunami of poo generated by their collective stupidity.

Mumsnet tweet on 16 March 2011

Mumsnet Towers
At downing street to celebrate international womens day. Dave C's greeting "Ah here's the terrifying Mumsnet".
That is why we cannot seem to get anything right, from economic policy to social policy, from education policy to foreign policy to following the simple dictates of common sense.

Sacking Brian True-May will bring on a dreadful curse on the politics and politicians of Britain.  It is the matter of utmost public and national interest, but Ed Miliband is silent (despite my Tweet to him about how to become more popular), so is Cunt Cameron and Smeggy Cleggy.

Shut up about Libya and tell us what you think about this most important matter that affects us all in this country, you LibLabCunts!

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Title: Victimisation of Brian True-May bad for Race Relations
Claire Khaw
BNP Member
PS    To be passed on to all the ITV executives who will be deciding his fate.  

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I fully agree with your comments, however, the use of the C word makes it impossible to take you seriously. Make a statement or comment without resorting to personal abuse and you will win more followers.