Sunday, 10 April 2011

Cameron surprised and upset that what he says is reported

I find it scary and weird that Cameron is actually surprised and upset that what he said was reported.

I don't think I am really that clever, but I really think I could run the country just a teeny bit better than  Cameron and perhaps be a little more popular too, with higher approval ratings.  

Let us hope that I can first cut my teeth on becoming the Mayoress of London next year (if I am indeed chosen by the Party) before I start running the country.  I don't want to become Dictator of Britain with no previous experience of running anything much and mess things up, after all.  

The clever and beautiful Claudia Dalgleish has decided to withdraw her application to become the 2012 BNP London mayoral candidate, so that should appreciably improve my chances.   I thought she would have been the perfect Goldilocks candidate - not too cold and not too hot, while a white male middle-aged candidate would have not been perhaps perceived as lacking in appeal to those outside the party and a non-white female candidate too controversial.  

Not, of course that Michael Barnbrook is in any way dull as can be seen at’s-sleaze-buster-mick-barnbrook-brings-down-another-tory-mp for he was responsible for Tory Brian Binley MP being ordered to repay the sum of £1,500 in expenses wrongly claimed.  .  

My commiserations to Claudia for her withdrawal, and the best of British luck to all the remaining candidates.

May the selection panel choose the candidate who will attract the most votes in London!    

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