Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Superb opportunity for Monarchy to become more popular and distance itself from war in Afghanistan etc. (Ed Milband did that and became Labour leader!)

Muslim fanatics have warned they may burn Union Jack flags on the day of the Royal Wedding

"I believe that the Queen and her children are supportive of the war in Afghanistan, which translates to us as a war against Muslims." 

There are no coherent foreign policy reasons for invading Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya to impose regime-change because they all hate and resent us for even thinking that we have a right to tell them what to do.

Because there are already so many Muslims in Britain who are also outraged that the West should casually, thoughtlessly, unadvisedly invade three Muslim lands, the people of Britain are also in danger of terrorism. However, the chief danger is not so much terrorism but paranoia about Muslim terrorism that will take away all their liberties eventually.

So, if the Queen should decide to distance herself from the war and assure Anjem Choudary and his lot that none of the Royal Family support the invasion of Muslim lands, she would be doing herself, as well as the Muslims and non-Muslims of this country a very good turn, by causing an unpopular war to rapidly becoming even more unpopular and perhaps have the effect of bringing our boys home, sooner rather than later, with less futile sacrifice of resources and lives.

My letters of today to the Secretaries at Clarence House and Buckingham Palace (Mr Jamie Lowther Pinkerton, Sir Michael Peat, Mrs Ailsa Anderson, Mr Christopher Geidt)

Anjem Choudary and his threats to disrupt The Wedding on 29 April 2011

May I suggest that the Queen, the Prince of Wales and Prince William take this opportunity of jointly distancing themselves from the very unpopular war in Afghanistan? 
It may upset the government but would certainly be very popular indeed with the people, both non-Muslim and Muslim, Radical and Moderate.  

Yours etc

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