Thursday, 19 May 2011

Truth about rape offends FemiNazis AKA The Feminist Agenda

If rape is a about violating a woman, then arguably violating a prostitute or a promiscuous woman is not as bad as violating a virgin. We all know how promiscuous the modern British woman is these days. Even Jack Straw pointed out that white women these days are regarded as easy meat by Pakistani-origin British men. Andrew Gilligan asked if they were but dared not answer the question in his piece.

So what is this manufactured outrage seething and boiling in our age of Slutwalk London 11 June 2011 at 1pm at Trafalgar Square?

I think it is part of the living a demented matriarchy. Whatever you think of Dominique Straus Kahn, he should be given a swift trial but for some reason these things take months. Surely the simplest thing is to have a trial ASAP, get all the evidence and jury in? But no, he has to be presumed guilty because it was a crime against women ...

A Facebook friend comments:

Feminists want women to be victims. The higher the number of victims, the more they can push the feminist agenda. So they lobby to create laws and rules which tilt the favor towards the victimization of women. Then after changing laws that help to artificially inflate statistics for the purpose of passing tougher laws and lower evidentiary standards to further inflate statistics in the favor of victimization. They tell women not to protect themselves. The "law" will handle it. They are not looking to prevent rape, just prosecute it. 

The intention to subjugate men and make them mind their Ps and Qs and be properly afraid of them, and make Western men the sad emasculated limp-dicked effeminate cowards they now are.

He adds:
It is also subjugating women to the role of victim. So they are not true feminists but power mongers using feminism as a guise to subjugate everyone.

Usually they select the survivors of the most brutal attacks to help push the agenda. The ones most hurt by the crime do not realize that in most cases, the changes they are making in the laws help put innocent people behind bars. It has altered in a negative way the way men and women interact.

So now you know why men and women distrust and dislike each other so much that they cannot bring themselves to marry each other or have legitimate children or stay married when they do have children.   This of course has implications for the future of the country because it concerns the quality of the next generation, which has of course been destroyed by feminism.  

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