Friday, 10 June 2011

More ostentatious displays of victimhood and disability to squeeze more money from taxpayers and bully PM

"That night on the news, the prime minister was forced to break off from talking about the Nordic Baltic summit he was hosting in London to answer questions about Riven."

Really?  Was the Riven Vincent story really such a fucking national emergency?  Is David Cameron our Prime Minister quite getting his priorities right, when he so obsequiously bows and scrapes for the female vote in such nauseating gestures of self-abnegation?

"Celyn's father, Mark Williams, makes sure he is home from work every day at the same time she returns from school. Riven has had multiple sclerosis for 13 years, and three years ago began using a wheelchair outside the house, and a stick to get around inside, making her doubly sensitive to changes in government policy that affect disabled people. As a result her husband does more than 50% of the caring for Celyn. A research scientist, he works part-time, fitting his hours around Celyn's school timetable."

Riven has had MS for 13 years.  Celyn is now 7.  I wouldn't be having more children if I knew I had MS.  Is Riven some sort of attention-seeker who likes to put the icing of disability on to her cake of illness for MAXIMUM VICTIMHOOD?

Does she not have friends and family who are prepared to give her sound advice that she might wish to heed?

"Look, Riven, why would you be having another baby when you already know you have MS?  Are you sure it is such a good idea?  Isn't this a bit unfair on your husband?  What are his views on this?" 

Perhaps they did, but Riven wasn't listening, because to both suffer from MS and have a severely disabled child would just send her straight to the top of the Victimhood All-Time Top 100 and that was always her dream.

I am just astonished that any self-respecting man would put up with the kind of life that Riven seems to have marked out for her husband without any consideration for his feelings or his wishes or any apparent consultation.

She, too, is now in a wheelchair!

If I were him I would be wondering how my life would be if both wife and severely disabled child were no longer around make my life a misery of nursing the physical disability of two members of my own family, and how nice it would be to get my life back, to have sex in my home that is not stuffed with medical equipment and to just go to the pub.

Does this man even have any male friends left?

The fact that he puts up with everything so enthusiastically and uncomplainingly makes me suspect his motives, his character and his masculinity.

"A lot of children with cerebral palsy are found dead in the morning,"

said Riven, in a bid, perhaps, to milk more reluctant and exhausted sympathy out of us.

OK, Riven, I shall pray for you. I don't want anyone thinking I have no compassion after all.

Her appetite for campaigning is waning. "I don't like publicity. I would rather not have to go to the media to fight for them, and make people aware of the problems. I'd rather the awareness was there. I don't have the time for all this stuff. I just want to get on with living life with Celyn while she is still here." 
First sensible thing I have heard from her since we crossed swords.   Riven Vincent gives people with disabilities a bad name.  In fact, it could be argued that she by her actions incites hatred against the disabled.

I have nothing against the disabled provided they do not wish to take away my right to free speech and don't get above themselves and think they have a right not to be offended.

Is it not time that mothers married to the fathers of their well-behaved children who are a credit to their parents be praised?  Yet instead the whole nation, including our politicians, kowtows to the likes of Riven Vincent in our Culture of Entitlement and the Ostentation of Victimhood.  In my opinion, Riven Vincent represents the rapacity and voracity for welfare of the female voter who has messed up her life and wants the taxpayer to bail her out.   

If we care for the future of this country, we should be prepared to speak out against people like her.

If we cannot get it together to fix this problem, then we should at least know what Western civilisation is dying of: the irresponsible and irrational reproductive choices of the female voter - voracious and welfare-dependent - who cannot be criticised.

We know who wields the power by the ones we cannot criticise.   


Anonymous said...

My goodness, the terrible notion of the disabled "getting above themselves". Shocking, just shocking.

And what exactly is your prayer for Ms Vincent for? That her child will be found dead in the morning. Nice Inference there.

Be warned that I and many others are watching you Claire, sooner or later you will slip up and go too far. I would argue that you've already crossed the line. Have printed this latest offering of yours and taken it to the police. I hope Ms Vincent does the same because your comments are slanderous.

Claire Khaw said...

I fail to see what I have said that is allegedly slanderous.

And what crime are you claiming that I am guilty of?

Claire Khaw said...

I am praying for Riven Vincent to be free to lead a normal life again, and to be able to put all this behind her.

From her story is the perfect illustration of how one must sometimes be cruel in order to be kind.

Anonymous said...

Claire, you're a hypocrite. You say the disabled are getting ahead of themselves, yet you are comparing yourself to God. How more above yourself can you get??

Claire Khaw said...

How am I comparing myself to God, you ridiculous person?

Claire Khaw said...

@riveninside Riven:
@vicderbyshire "and bordering on
slander. The police have been informed."

It seems I have have committed the criminal act of offending Riven Vincent who may not, for some unknown reason, be offended.

Has the The Prohibition of Giving Offence (Mothers of Disabled Children) Act been passed, unknown to me?

Has Riven Vincent been deified?

Has her right to be bully the Prime Minister and rattle her begging bowl at her local MP without fear of criticism from any quarter now been enshrined in law?

If so we should be told, even if I have to go to prison to prove that we no longer live in a free society where one can express one's opinions without being thrown into prison by the Riven Vincent Thought Police.

Anonymous said...

How am I comparing myself to God, you ridiculous person?

"An attribute I share with God is that my existence is also doubted. Don't call me Ultra Rightwing, call me Ultra Rational."

Ring a bell?

Claire Khaw said...

Oh that. It was meant to be an engaging and memorable self-description. People like it anyway and don't really think I think I am God.