Thursday, 7 July 2011

The BNP do not believe in free speech or freedom of belief or in telling the truth as ordinary people see it

In totalitarian Britain, no opinion honestly held may be expressed if it offends any of the groups of people privileged by PC legislation, eg women, the disabled, the single mother, etc.

That a party supposedly dedicated to challenging PC is now kowtowing to the forces of PC liberalism is indeed an interesting development.  This is what the drive for "respectability" in British politics does to you, into a cowering and craven position of self-abnegation before unwed single mothers with disabled offspring, who are the most voracious consumers of welfare.

(In case you do not know what it was that I said to trigger the events that ended in my expulsion, I expressed the view that I would rather not have to bring up a severely disabled baby and that I would regrettably have to resort to infanticide if the midwife did not "take care of it" for me, which she would have in the time when home births were the rule rather than the exception.)

This is because I do not think it right to pass on the burden of its upkeep to the taxpayer just because I could..  

I am very touched by the messages of support I have received and the people who admitted in private to me that they would have said the same thing if they had dared.

In a rational and honest society I would be praised.  In totalitarian Britain I am universally reviled for saying what everyone really thinks.


Anonymous said...

In olden times you would have claimed that the fairies kidnapped your child and replaced it with a changling, so killing it would have been nice and legal.

Anonymous said...

Fancy being too extreme even for the BNP!! Congratulations on your recent expulsion and lovely to see all the messages of support for you here on your blog...

Claire Khaw said...

I thought I would get that distinction, sooner or later. Thank you for taking the trouble to comment.