Thursday, 7 July 2011

Claire Khaw expelled from the BNP

Dear Claire Khaw

I have asked the National Executive for their advice on this issue and they have unanimously recommended that you be expelled with immediate effect. You are still within your probationary period and have no right to an appeal. The comments you made regarding disabled children were deemed to be unacceptable.


Adam Walker

National Organiser
Thursday, 7 July, 2011 10:14  Starting on the 26th minute are the comments that got me into trouble. 


The BNP is racist, or not prepared to defend free speech, or both, take your pick.

I am more disappointed with them for not being prepared to defend the free speech of their members, to be honest.  (I sort of realised that they might be a bit racist some time ago.)

Their strategy is completely wrong. There is no need to pretend for a moment that I would become the BNP mayor of London. What we could do which the public would love us for is to debate issues everyone is too afraid to do.

I know that if I had become London mayoral candidate I would do better than any of the previous candidates.

Too bad the party was too gutless to give me a chance.

Lots of people have told me privately that they agree with me about what they would do if they have a severely disabled baby like Celyn and their midwife won't "take care of it for them".

Too bad the BNP, while complaining about lack of free speech, gives its members even less free speech, and is frightened of supporting a member who says something that is unpopular but true.  I had thought the BNP was the Party of Ugly Truth but it turns out that they too want to be the Party of Soft Soap and the Party of Big Girls' Blouses who are afraid of the Disabled and Their Single Mum.

Are you mice or men, I wanted to ask.  The answer is a rodentine squeak  of national humiliation and emasculation.  

Imagine how popular it would be if they defended free speech and their members' free speech and at least gave me due process - the chance to defend myself under hostile questioning on what I said.

We are in politics, where every view we hold is bound to be found offensive by someone else, once they know who we are. There are ways of dealing with this but no one bothered to explore these with me before expelling me.  


Unknown said...

the only reason this vile creature was expelled from the BNP was because she said it out loud. Walker Griffin and the rest of the scabs who run this stinking party all feel the same as we all kknow but are too scared to admit their own ideal's. Hypocrites or what

Claire Khaw said...

It is not just the BNP who secretly agree with me, and you know it, 'National Pride'!

Anonymous said...

the author of this is mentally ill..

Claire Khaw said...

Please cite reasons to support your statement.

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