Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Questions for anyone who calls me a racist or anti-semite

  1. Are Jews a race or followers of a religion?
  2. In what way am I racist? 
  3. When you call me racist, are you not confusing anti-Semitism with racism?
  4. When you call me an anti-Semite, are you not confusing anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism?
  5. In what way am I an anti-Semite? For saying things that you find offensive?
  6. Are Jews protected from being offended? 
  7. If Jews are protected from being offended, why might this be?
  8. If not for the Holocaust, would Jews have been given the privilege of having their feelings protected from offence by totalitarian anti-Holocaust Denial legislation?
  9. If Jews are indeed protected from offence when they can accuse you of racism, Holocaust Denial, anti-Semitism and of being an evil Nazi Fascist extremist the moment you say that the establishment of the State of Israel has caused rather a lot of trouble and bloodshed, is this due to the submissiveness, cowardice, stupidity and hypocrisy of the gentile or is it because there is a Jewish conspiracy?
  10. Was Hitler a Zionist?   
  11. But for Hitler, would the State of Israel have been established?
  12. Is it possible that Zionists would one day be properly grateful to Hitler for giving them Israel or would they one day come to realise that what Hitler gave them was in fact a poisoned chalice?
  13. Is Israel bad for Jews because it just makes everyone hate them more?
  14. Is Israel bad for Christians?
  15. Is Israel bad for Muslims?
  16. If Israel is indeed bad for Jews, Christians and Muslims, all over the world, then what?
  17. Judaism = Thesis; Christianty = Antithesis; Islam = Synthesis.  True or false?

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