Thursday, 27 October 2011

What to do if you want Claire Khaw to be in UKIP

All who wish UKIP to admit me should write to

Steve Harris



The Old Grain Store

Church Lane


West Sussex

BN17 7 QJ

and say why, before the end of the year.

My "prospectus" would be that I would bring the party publicity through promoting

1. free speech

2. constitutional reform (along the lines of Peter Bone MP's House of Commons (Disqualification) Bill

3. family values uncompromisingly supported by marriage (Please note this means CHALLENGING FEMINISM.  There Is No Alternative.  Fortunately, there are more men than women in UKIP and in the NEC.  It remains to be seen how much they fear alienating the female vote.  It is of course fear of alienating the female vote that has turned Western civilisation into the basket case that it now is.  Feminism is of course responsible for the Culture of Entitlement, the Culture of Excuses and conferring upon women the prerogative of the whore: power without responsibility and the Miscegenation of the Unmarried that comes with the promotion of Free Love, which has caused the precipitate lowering of educational, moral and intellectual standards in the West.)

4. lower taxes

5. fewer laws

6. selective education to raise educational standards to raise international competitiveness

7. a less ruinous and aggressive foreign policy

6. capital and corporal punishment

7. the repeal of all anti-discrimination legislation

8. more co-operation and cohesion amongst the Eurosceptic parties
UKIP are right to take so long to think about admitting me. It is well-known that the controversial things I say are nothing to do with hatred of other races or of Muslims.

Should they admit me, and perhaps Eddy Butler at the same time, the political landscape will indeed change.

Perhaps they will have the balls and brains to know which side their bread is buttered when they vote on whether to let me in or not, along with any other experienced officer of the BNP who wishes to join and also solemnly and sincerely promise to treat them well after they have solemnly and sincerely renounced any previous support for the following:

1. forcible repatriation of non-white British citizens

2. apartheid

3. any measures to make non-white citizens second class citizens

I have many ideas about party discipline and a code of conduct for members as well as for what a Civic Nationalist ideology ought to be.  Ethno-nationalists will be know that I have claimed that Civic Nationalism will get them most of what they want the most important of which is withdrawal from the EU and the ability to run this country as a sovereign state in which Parliament reigns again supreme, beyond the reach of EU directives and the cabal of demented liberalism that is  the European Convention of Human Rights.  
Let us all therefore pull together in order to storm the citadel of the rotten institution that is the EU, which is going to fall in any case, admidst rancour and recrimination after its hollowness is finally revealed, when the euro finally expires.  
Let us all push at an open door.  Surely we can at least get together to do that by the next general election?
Only when we leave the EU can we decide properly what kind of government we want.  It is analogous to leaving a party at which most of the guests have become tired and emotional - in which we have ourselves become tired and emotional, to go lie down in a dark room, to recover from an excess of liberalism, feminism, welfarism and our shameful orgy of irresponsible lending and borrowing both by individuals and by successive governments.  
This is just so we can avoid utterly disgracing ourselves, getting into a fight, or being sick on the carpet or having sex with someone who will give us the clap or knock us up.   
Britain needs to remove herself from the Euro party and rethink her priorities, alone and soberly.    


Adolfo said...

Girl, stop wasting your time with those hilly billies! Time has come for you to make your move! Time has come for you to stage a military coup and claim the Throne of the United Kingdom! But you have to move quickly because there’s not much time left.
In case you still don’t know, let me tell you that just three days ago, the leaders of the 16 Commonwealth countries where the Queen is head of State unanimously lifted the ban on the monarch being married to a Roman Catholic. At the same time they decided to play a little bit of political correctness and gave equal rights for women in the British Monarchy. See? Even the Crown is now feminist. So, sons and daughters of any future UK monarch will have equal right to the throne. The Act of Supremacy of 1558 is now on the trash bin. You can check out all the sorry ass details here:
King Henry VIII must be rolling in his grave in anger. He, the man who showed the Pope the finger after the Holy Father refused to sanctify his sexual promiscuity, and so liberated the United Kingdom from the Catholic Church’s ruling.
Now, let’s connect the dots. Just one week ago the Pope called for a new Global Central Bank to rule over the World Financial System. The euro is on terminal condition, whether you kick the PIIGS out of the Euro System or you bail them out all the way long but under the condition of stripping them of all their sovereignty. In doing so, you have the perfect frame to create the United States of Europe; and the Pope can claim the Head of the State of the new big federation. Then he can declare a Holy War on Russia (schismatic), the Muslim World (heretic) and China (what have the Chinks got to do in here?). The sterling pound is in no better condition than the euro, so as the PIIGS go, so goes the UK. But the timing here is everything. Just three days away from one movement to the other. It's very suspicious. Has the British Crown already surrendered? If you think that living under the liberal tyranny of the EU is a bad thing, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Just wait to see what the Holy Roman Empire Reloaded has planned for you (German Nazi Pope included at no extra cost).

Adolfo said...

Now the solution.
I have previously told you how to gather a group of military coup. If you needed another reason to convince them, you already got it. The ruling Royal House has betrayed the UK; and the very existence of the Country and the Empire is at risk. It’s their patriotic duty to proceed accordingly.
I don’t want to bore you with all the specific details, but the coup would be operated something like this.
1. Early in the morning, still in the dark, commandos from the Parachute Regiment would storm Buckingham Palace, taking control of the place and rounding up and arresting all the members of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, aka the House of Windsor.
2. All the Members of the ruling Royal House would be moved to an undisclosed military base, and their ruling would be terminated with extreme prejudice (like the Romanovs).
3. At the same time another unit of commandos from the Parachute Regiment would storm the Abbey of Canterbury taking control of the place and arresting the Archbishop.
4. The Archbishop of Canterbury would be moved to an undisclosed military base, and his ministry would be terminated with extreme prejudice (like the Orthodox monks during the Russian Revolution).
5. Another unit of the Parachute Regimen would go to the East London Mosque and would pick up the first Mullah available in the place and would take him to the Abbey of Canterbury.
6. Another unit of the Parachute Regiment would storm and take control of the Parliament.
7. The Special Air Service, the Special Boat Service, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, the Royal Marines Commandos, the Elite Artillery and the RAF Regiment would take control of the whole country, seizing, shutting and controlling all the borders, airports, ports and strategic facilities across the country.
8. The Signals Regiment would take control of all the communications. Internet would be shut off. All of the programming of TV and radio would be shut off, and instead of that all radio stations would broadcast over and over again Enoch Powell’s speech ‘Rivers of Blood’ (this is to get people angered). TV channels would broadcast a marathon of Louis Theroux’s programs (this is to get people dizzy). If you have people angered and dizzy they would accept anything.
9. The top coup military would gather at the Parliament and would decree an edict stating that:
i. The House of Windsor no longer rules in Britannia.
ii. The Coup Military have taken control of the Country.
iii. The Coup Military rules that Islam is the new State Religion, so, the Church of England is now the Mosque of England; the Abbey of Canterbury is now the Mosque of Canterbury, and the Archbishop of Canterbury is now the Mullah of Canterbury (the guy picked up in East London).
iv. The Coup Military rules that power would be transferred to the House of Khaw under the reign of Andromeda I.
v. All the public servants would have to pledge loyalty to Her Royal Highness Andromeda I.
vi. The Coup Military pledges loyalty to Her Royal Highness Andromeda I.
10. You, having been kept in an undisclosed military base all this time would be moved by another unit of the parachute Regiment to the Mosque of Canterbury to be enthroned as the New Queen.
11. All the radio and TV transmissions would be shut off again just to be open immediately in a national broadcast where the leader of the coup addresses the nation with the following speech.

Adolfo said...

People of the United Kingdom,
Today, a group of high ranking officials of a number of branches of the UK Special Forces leading a massive number of patriotic service men of our military forces have proceeded accordingly to an untenable and unacceptable state of the public affairs. Over the last decades a number of failed policies have corrupted the life of the country threatening the existence of the nation. This state of things hasn’t been reached without the cowardice, complicity and indulgence of a short seeing ruling and political class that owed no loyalty to the country but to their mean interests. That’s why we have decided to project a new light to the country guaranteeing the ascent of a new Royal House to rule over the UK. HRH Andromeda I has sworn before us and before Allah that her only and most important duty will be to restore our greatness and national pride while renovating the public life of the nation. We pledge loyalty to HRH Andromeda I. People of the United Kingdom, may Allah save the Queen!

Then the transmission cuts to the inside of the Mosque of Canterbury where you are being crowned as Her Majesty Andromeda The First, by the Grace of Allah, of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions beyond the Seas Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Reformed Koranist Faith.


Adolfo said...