Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Something for Nationalists to do while waiting for Simon Darby's house to be awarded to BNP creditors

I have been trying to suggest that it is possible to be a non-white white nationalist, since I want good things for white people, living in their country as I do, and want to help them sort themselves out.

I suppose I would be accused of chutzpah if I suggest that I, a mere female and foreigner, am in any way suitable, however much reading I have done and however much I claim to understand the hearts and minds of the White Man.

The only advantage in having me in any prominent position - perhaps as a Press Officer - would be to confuse the enemy. Once the enemy is sufficiently confused, I suppose I can always retire to spend the rest of my life on Facebook, when someone much more suited to the job steps in, and I stand aside.

The advantage of this would be that I would attract the vote of the non-white British citizen whom we all know are also fed up with living under extremist feminist liberal dementia, but are too afraid to vote BNP and the Islamophobic UKIP because they do not want to be seen as turkeys voting for Xmas.

I am legally-trained, a bit of a political anorak and take an interest in matters theological, philosophical and historical, which would assist in impressing the media and the nation with my grasp of British and European history as well as the culture and history of its peoples.

I believe I have the common touch and am able to connect with a wider range of people than the average white nationalist.

I am probably the best known non-white member of the BNP. Last Friday I rang up a local paper and, after giving my name, was asked if I was "that Claire Khaw who was suspended from the BNP."

I think the reason the media do not give me more publicity is because I would make the BNP look good, which NUJ members are expressly told not to do.

I actually hate having to keep blowing my own horn so often and so hard, but I just recognise I have to in this line of business. Feminine modesty is therefore not an option for me.

Old School nationalists would be understandably reluctant to be seen to be doing business with a mere female and foreigner such as I, but there will also be certain corresponding advantages, if nationalists care about their image and their ability to connect with the public.



I think I am also better able to deliver that message to the British public precisely because I am not white and not a man, and not condemned by my past ... yet.

Anyway, this morning I woke up with this little idea: that those in the nationalist movement and dissatisfied with the current leadership and direction of the BNP could anoint a leader and start a new party.

I suggest it not necessarily expecting it would be me (though I recognise that there is a theoretical possibility of this happening), but it would be something to do rather than wait for the BNP ceiling to fall in and for Simon Darby's house to be seized by BNP creditors.

While waiting patiently to be transformed into an English Democrat, Eddy Butler could announce it on his blog to big up this idea, and those interested (irrespective of whether they were ever BNP members) could throw their hats in the ring.  There would then be a beauty contest of prospective nationalist leaders. Those present would vote, once a leader is elected a party could be formed, perhaps using the old constitution mutatis mutandis, and Eddy's Reform movement would be back on its feet again.

I would't mind not being leader either. I'd be pretty chuffed to just become Press Officer. I know my place really.

Anyone who throws his (or her) in the ring would have to show a working knowledge of John Tyndall's ELEVENTH HOUR, and deal with the points it raises in his (or her) leadership prospectus.  This is obtainable at

I think a leader elected by AV would be add interest to the proceedings.

That should keep the nationalist movement on its toes and give it something to do.  Even a condemned building has to be demolished, and political activism should amount to something  more than waiting for a condemned building to fall into ruin.

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