Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Why I am the best leader of the BNP that will never be

I know I will be accused of narcissism and egotism, but I really do think that I could lead the BNP better than its incumbent Chairman and articulate its principles with more clarity, appeal , inclusiveness and authority than a white man ever could.

I say this because, fundamentally, I understand racism - the raging, visceral kind of racism - and I am the only one to have ideas about how to deal with it and control it.

I should mention Eddy Butler became an English Democrat on Sunday 27 November and is now lost to BRITISH nationalism and to my plans for forming a civic British nationalist party that would unite the Eurosceptic parties.  He will now be promoting what he imagines to be in the interests of the English, when what he is doing is in fact accelerating the break-up of the United Kingdom, making it weaker and more divided than it already is, while working for the dullest man in the country, whose great ambition is merely to accept the English rejects of the bigger Eurosceptic parties.

Eddy, because he prefers to be safe with the English Democrats, will therefore just do the little bit he is prepared to do in politics, having been chewed up and spat out by British nationalism, rather than embark on anything ambitious or radical.   He just wants a party - any party - to be part of because most activists without parties are nothing.

He will therefore do his quiet little thing for the English Democrats and quietly fade away from radical politics.   Eddy prefers safety  to the liberty of speaking his mind.  He does not wish to be seen to be agreeing with someone who speaks her mind about the egregiously low morals of white women that have brought the white race to its current degraded state.

And we all know that those who prefer safety to liberty deserve neither.

I may prove the exception of not needing to be with a party, just because my views are unashamedly radical - some would say mad - and I have been uncompromising in my policy of propagating my message as often, loudly and memorably as possible.  It may be that I need a party less than people like Eddy who, apart from persuading the BNP to dump its policy of compulsory repatriation of non-white British citizens from its manifesto, is not known for anything else that could be described as ideological and therefore has no political definition and no resonance with the wider British public.

I have asked him often and repeatedly to consider his course of action, but he is adamant and determined to only do what he is prepared to do - even if it is not enough to change things - since he is not prepare to risk rejection and ridicule for ambitious plans - if you consider just asking for admission into UKIP (who are at any rate a bigger party attracting more votes) "ambitious", if all he needs is a ready-made party to join.

I however am still seeking admission to join and if I am admitted, it would make it easier for others in a similar position to be admitted too thus paving the way towards unity in the two Eurosceptic parties.

I am not so naive and ignorant of the thought-processes of white nationalists that I do not see that my race and gender would preclude any nationalist from openly supporting me.  Why, the very idea is heresy and what they will call racial treason, but the fact that I would in fact prove to be a better leader than any of the white men who call themselves nationalists is a truth and a burning shame that they will never ever acknowledge and will never ever test.     

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