Monday, 12 December 2011

36th New Right Meeting

I am just more or less transcribing my incomplete notes, some of which are direct quotes of what I thought I heard.

First Speaker
DR JAMES THRING - Gaddafi's Nationalist People's Republic

Gaddafi wanted everyone to be heard in Parliament.  Anyone can go and you can imagine that this would be difficult to handle.

King Idris, overthrown by Gaddafi in 1969 in a bloodless coup, was installed by the British and the French.  He was their puppet who agreed that the price of oil would be fixed at US$2 with no inflation.   Gaddafi wanted a better deal for the Libyans and got this when he took over.

He also challenged the democratic model.  He was aware that electing politicians was not always democratic, for they will not always do what they are expected to do.  They may wish to keep their promises to voters but are prevented by their party leaders, who may in turn be pressurised.

Parties who win power generally win power with only 30% of the vote in any case.

Parties are always in need of funding.

Thatcher was advised to privatise by Jewish advisers to raise cash so so the nation's infrastructure was sold off for a song to Jewish business interests.

The UN is a permanent dictatorship by 5 permanent members.

Article 27 states that parties to a dispute eg Israel forfeit their right to vote on it.  The Chinese are timid about pointing this out.

Dr Thring then addressed the 4 matters on which the average Westerner might hold against Gaddafi.

1.   Gaddafi supported the IRA.

The US supported Israel.  Lots and lots of money have been given to the Israelis.  To be fair to the IRA, they always warned the police before they blew anything up.

2.  Lockerbie

House of Lords judges have held that the evidence against Libya was unreliable.

It is revealing that the UK didn't want it appealed since the Scots let Al-Megrahi go rather than have another trial.

Mr Bollinger (whom I understood to be speaking on behalf of the manufacturers of the chip of the circuit board that caused the explosion) was not allowed to see the chip in question and was only shown a photograph of it.

He declared that the one shown to him was not one of his.  The one in question was hand-finished and rough at the edges, those of his manufacture were always machine-finished.

This little thing was surprisingly discovered amongst the wreckage.

The damage to the plane was caused by an implosion rather than an explosion.

10 miles south of Locker was Chapel Cross, a nuclear power station which would, as you expect have defences against an aerial attack. Could the Pan Am plane have been shot down by the  RAF in error?

Dr Thring also mentioned the DEA stings which have bombs in suitcases that are handed over to the target that would explode to disable him.

3.  Yvonne Fletcher

The bullet entered her back at 60-70 degrees.  The Libyan Embassy was not tall enough for  someone shooting from any window there to do this.  There is however a nearby security firm with a building near the Libyan Embassy.  The bullet that killed Yvonne Fletcher was the same as the ones that killed Libyan diplomats, the police were told.  The police apparently forgot about this.

4.   Gaddafi allowed the PLO to train on Libyan soil.

5.   Gaddafi was implicated in the disappearance of  a Lebanese Shia cleric Imam Moussa Sadr.

It should be noted that Gaddafi was critical of Al Qaeda, trained by the CIA.

are, Dr Thring, suggested, organisations that go around destabilising the governments of other countries so they could be invaded under the pretext of protecting the human rights of their people.  

Dr Thring describes himself as a planner and first met Gaddafi in 1985 and attended various international Mataba Conferences.

Lady Michelle

2nd Speaker
My Project with Gaddafi on the UN and the Jewish Republic

Lady Michelle described the 4 Classical Virtues: Balance, Harmony, Sense of Beauty, Temperance.  She extended the list with Natural Nationalism, a sense of justice, wisdom, scientific attitude, courage and empathy.

There is nothing about Truth in the Talmud.  The Jews are predatory, obsessed with racial superiority, vanity and greed.   They have the power of thraldom with their predatory imperialism.

"Any foreigner would loathe us," she said of the British and their dishonourable foreign policy.

Gaddafi embodied the metaphysical identity of the Libyans, she said.  If only the British had a similar leader, so that that the British can say that the kind of Britishness we respect is this kind of British.

She mentioned the people who refused to come to this meeting because they did not want to hear about Gaddafi and don't care about the Palestinians.

She said was opposed to racial supremacy but "we have to look at the economics of it".   "The world cannot function in a predatory way."

Supposing a fathers one child.  You may motivate that favoured child and cause sibling rivalry or low morale.

"Our predator's greatest gift is its plausibility" - its Swindlespeak and media hype.

"It is my absurd career in advertising that gives me the edge on them."

She then spoke of the Jewish Autonomous Republic of Birobidzhan, as big as Switzerland, that would accept Jews of Russia and any kind.  It has been in existence since 1928 and has been supported by American Jews too.   Its first language is Yiddish.  There are not many Jews there now as they have been have gone to Israel.   Many Jews have been seduced or forced to support Israel.

Vatican II was mentioned.  "The two covenants stand."  [I have no idea what she meant.]

Christianity and Islam are the dolphin religions.  Those religions have a sense of brotherhood.   The concept of brotherhood however is not present in Judaism, which she said is a "shark religion".

Gaddafi was insufficiently dictatorial.  In fact, he was a mere guide and didn't like posters of himself.  He said he wanted people to follow his teachings rather than heroworship him.

Lady Michelle said we need more witty, brilliant, authentic men like Gaddafi.

All US Presidential candidates have to be pro-Zionist.

She described her last meeting with Gaddafi as "bitter sweet" and was very proud to say that Gaddafi himself had said that he was proud of her.   The Libyans were proud of Gaddafi and their metaphysical identity, which he embodied.

"We need to be like soldiers."

"We want to enjoy genuine diversity [of our different races and our nations] rather than the Swindlespeak of diversity.

"The idea of international citizenship is absurd.  Nationalism fits us.  We need to trust our leaders to keep out our predator."

"We have a fantastic role model in Gadadfi."

"There is no nationalism in Israel."  [I am afraid I have no idea what Lady Michelle means.  Perhaps she meant that the ethno-nationalism of the Zionists is not really nationalism at all but a form of exclusive divisive tribalism?)

"The real role model is Gaddafi."

"We have to find like the Third Reich did: how high they can jump, their character, their environment and culture."

"It nearly conquered our predator."

[I apologise for the fragmentary nature of this account.  There will be a DVD of the talks recorded by Lady Renouf available at £5.]

Revisionist Xmas cards on sale at the meeting

3rd Speaker
MIKE NEWLAND: Are the Banks a Swindle?

Newland was trained as an accountant and was once BNP Treasurer.  Like me, he was expelled.

Adrian Davis introduces Mike Newland

His talk dealt with the following:

1.   Why is economics so difficult?
2.   Fractional Reserve Banking
3.   Boom and Bust

I am afraid I fell asleep.

I woke up hear him saying we will have 10 more years of zombie economy.

Adrian Davis introduces the orator Jonathan Bowden

4th Speaker

I had the distinct feeling that most people there had not heard of Mishima but I have read and still have in my possession THE LIFE AND DEATH OF YUKIO MISHIMA by Henry Scott Stokes

The humiliating defeat of Japan was internalised and the Japanese feminised.   There was little social anger towards the US, and Mishima felt that the Japanese had been mentally and morally invaded by the US.

The Japanese have manga comics through which they externalise rather than repress their transgressive urges.   Rapeman was mentioned, a superhero rather like Spiderman.  It is both sadistic and erotic, said Jonathan Boweden.

The samurai were a soldierly elite.  They were learned warriors, infused by Buddhism, aesthetic masculinity, with the values of the praetorian elite and the Spartans.  They were a priestly and warrior caste and expected to write a death poem before they committed ritual suicide in the form of a haiku that would contain themes of gentleness and forgiveness.  Their values were similar to those articulated by D H Lawrence and Nietzsche.

Mishima asked: "Why did the emperor have to become a human being?"

The Orator Jonathan Bowden in full flow

Mishima asked for the impossible, for he asked for the return of things as they were in Japan before their defeat in WW2.  Probably, he expected them to be rejected so he could then commit ritual suicide, to show his disgust with and dissociation from modern Japan, to make his point.


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