Thursday, 8 December 2011

The inexorable logic of a one-party state

This is so that Church of England clergy and members of the Police Force are not prevented from joining a political party of their choice.  

No member of the BNP may become a member of the NUJ.

If they are, under the current rules they would be sacked or have their union membership terminated.

Just because you are not taken out and shot in front of your family does not mean you have freedom of speech.  Social ostracisation, loss of business opportunities and loss of employment are very compelling reasons restraining you from expressing a political view, and all political views are controversial, by their very nature.  

Just remember that in Britain we have no free speech, no freedom of belief and no freedom of contract.  

Just remember that the The Freedom Association - supposedly a libertarian organisation - does not even notice THOUGHTCRIME when it comes up to them and smacks them in the face.   If they do notice they  dare not defend liberties that our ancestors would have taken for granted because they too have been cowed by the establishment.

Just as long as you know, Dear Reader.   

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