Sunday, 4 December 2011

London BNP Xmas Social

"London BNP Christmas social/fundraiser.  Buffet and 80s music.  All welcome.  Santa's helpers will be taking a night off to join us.  Date 9th Dec.  Please pass this message on.  Regards, Donna, London Regional Secretary."

I have today received a second SMS telling me about their Xmas Social.

This was what I missed.

I wonder if I have or indeed require the permission of the National Organiser Clive Jefferson and the Northerners to attend this without getting any London Organiser expelled.

Clive Jefferson was asked on 5 December if I had indeed been proscribed, but, predictably, no answer was received from him.  This is how the BNP "do business".

Last year, we were promised a buffet but only got crisps and mince pies.  When I complained the Organiser  in question  told me that the vultures who got there early ate it all.  Recently, I heard that there was never any buffet and the intention was to promise the members a buffet and then not give them one.  They would be too stupid and scared to complain.  One disappointed member told me he did not have anything  to eat before coming out in the expectation of enjoying the Xmas buffet.   This is how the BNP exploits its supporters, who are mostly marginalised to whom they are in the business of selling hope even as they know they cannot deliver.   The idea, I believe, is to keep them in misery so that there will be a demand for the hope that they sell.   Dishonourable and despicable.

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