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The REAL reason why the BNP are despised and feared, other than for being racist

My image of the typical BNP member

And then they wonder why people hate them.  People prefer not to be reminded that there are people like that around. White people are ashamed of the BNP specimens of the white race.

Using carrier bags to carry your belongings around is a sign of being LOWER CLASS and no one wants to vote for a party that is incorrigibly and unashamedly LOWER CLASS.

The Labour Party had that problem too until Peter Mandelson sorted them out.

Whether they like it or not, many non-whites now hold British citizenship. Probably there are a few people who would like to forcibly repatriate non-white British citizens. Indeed, many of them remain unwise enough to say so, and that is why they will never ever get anywhere.

Their hatred and helplessness are obvious. Why does no one love the white lower classes? Why do so many white people hate the party that claims to promote the interests of the white race?

Will they one day stop to ask themselves such questions instead of asserting themselves only through whingeing and saying loudly and repeatedly that they want to turn back time and return Britain to its racial composition as it was, before the 1948 British Nationality Act?

David Irving once famously told the Jews to ask themselves why they are hated.    I would recommend that members of the BNP too should  investigate the reasons - apart from their reputation of being a party of racists and the liberal bias in the media - why they are so hated.

It is a shame so many nationalists regard political integrity as the right to say what you want, when what you want to say does not in any way assist the cause.  Well, that's ethno-nationalism for you.

Lots of BNP people who throw their toys out of their pram join parties that are even more useless than the BNP, but we have to understand that these people are not made for politics, and have not had our education and our opportunities.  They only know that something is wrong and refuse to shut up about it.

Not being very bright they can only identify the symptoms, but remain incapable of addressing the causes of the British malaise.

In many ways the white working classes are their own worst enemy. But then not many people are made for politics, certainly not the white lower classes, who may recognise aristocratic virtue on the rare occasions they see it displayed in this country, but are incapable of practising it in their dealings with one another.

Indeed, it is probably true to say that aristocratic virtue no longer exists even amongst the aristocracy, so degenerate are the British these days most cannot list them off the top of their head, not even the pieces of Etonian shit like Cameron.

Bushidō includes compassion for those of lower station, and for the preservation of one's name.

There was a BNP Xmas Social on Friday which I made a point of showing up at, since two of their number actually took the trouble to forward the SMS invitation which declared that ALL would be welcome.

This was of course NOT the case.

If those two had not forwarded me the SMS I would not have thought of attending and would have lacked the information to do so.

And so I determined to turn up, whether I would be welcome or not, to make a point.

What was that point?

That all the BNP are made up of cowards and hypocrites who say something and then do the opposite, who do not have this thing called FOLLOW THROUGH or principle or a developed sense of honour.

But what should one expect of the lower classes anyway?

Such a party, made up of lower class whites who are mostly illegitimate, uneducated, gullible and only too ready to blame the foreigner rather than their own corrupt institutions and lack of moral virtue, led by a leader who exploits them and who is despised but obeyed reluctantly even as he flouts their party constitution which they are too thick to read and in any case are not expected to have access to, can have no future. Indeed, if you wanted a copy of the party constitution you would have to apply for it and pay for it, and the Chairman would immediately be alerted that you will probably be making trouble for him, and will then expel you, which means you will be finished in nationalism, like Eddy Butler is.

One of the organisers was given a reprimand for inviting me to their London Social in September though he had not infringed any of the rules of the party constitution.   There was a rumour that a letter had been circulated to the effect that any organiser that admitted me to a BNP meeting would be expelled, but no one actually had a copy of this letter.  It is true that I had threatened on Facebook to crash their party and thereby get them all expelled and it is true that I indeed attempted to carry out my threat.

The best way of doing this, I thought, would be a photograph of the organisers at their Xmas party, which would be displayed on this blog and on Facebook.   It seemed obvious to me that the party would not be insane enough to expel all of them at the behest of some northern organiser (who has taken exception to my views on (1) what I would do to any severely disabled baby (as disabled as Riven Vincent's Celyn who is blind, cannot lift her head or move any of her limbs) I might have and/or (2)  the illegitimate and/or (3) the mothers of illegitimate offspring) who had threatened to resign if he ever became aware that I had attended any BNP event.  It should be noted that there is nothing in the party constitution prohibiting individual organisers from inviting whom they liked.

Rules Governing Official Meetings of a Branch or Group
19 No rigid rules shall govern the holding or conduct of Official Meetings or Executive Meetings of a British Homeland Branch or Group save as are set out in this Annex 4 or otherwise provided for in the constitution of such Branch or Group.
23 Any Official Meeting of a Branch or Group may be open or closed to guests as the Branch Organiser or Group Organiser shall determine on the occasion each such Official Meeting shall be called.   

For the Organisers to be expelled for admitting me, I would have to be PROSCRIBED by the party, and this has not been done.

5 The Chairman may proscribe individuals, organisations or publications which are so hostile to our Party, or whose views and/or behaviour are so likely to bring discredit upon our Party, that Members should have no contact with them.
6 Such a hostile individual, publications or group is thenceforth regarded as a rotten apple and proscription is the means by which they are prevented from contaminating others. Not only are the proscribed barred from attending party functions and activities, but Members are barred from attending events organised by them and barred from sharing platforms with them, distributing or advertising literature and electronic media produced by or in support of them, and promoting events at which they are known or – in the opinion of our Party leadership – likely to be attending.
7 Proscriptions shall come into effect on publication in the National
members' bulletin and remain in force until further notice. A full list appears on our Party's website."

This would have given the London Organisers the opportunity of asserting their independence over the Northern Organiser in question who threatened to resign if I attended the London Xmas Party, but they thought they would play safe instead, doubtless because they did not think that I was "worth it".

The principle at stake was not about whether the Organisers wanted Claire Khaw at their Xmas Party but was of course everything to do with the principle of the RULE OF LAW.  Without the rule of law, we would all be subject to the arbitrary whims and fancies of the autocrat who dictates to us, but we don't expect such principles to move the lower classes, who just do not get the idea of having principles.  Indeed, no ex-grammar schoolboy in the BNP and outside have ever been able to explain principle to me properly, clever though these grammar schoolboys are supposed to be. To them, all principles are hostages to fortune, and inconvenient baggage.   Why, a prominent ex-BNP member said that there is NO POINT in having principles.   This is not a concept easily grasped by lower class whites who in any case expect to submit to the arbitrary fancies of whoever is more powerful than they are, eg whoever their leader wishes to favour (in this case one miserable Northern Organiser over all London Organisers).  It should be noted that such abstract concepts as principle are alien to the thinking of both women and the lower classes.  The BNP, being a party consisting mostly of lower class men, think and behave like women - vacillating and dishonourable, ready to use the excuses their sex and their class entitles them to use.   It can be seen that they are clearly more prepared to have their constitutional  rights infringed rather than assert their constitutional rights for fear of receiving a reprimand or being expelled.  (I am not really one of them after all.  Indeed, even if I were white they would still have turned me away, because they are congenitally unable to grasp the principle of principle.)   It was therefore expedient to turn me away, and I perfectly understand.

The Rule of Law would require that I be formally proscribed to be banned from all BNP meetings, but I was not.  They still banned me anyway.

Is this cricket?  I doubt if most of them even use this term now anyway or even know what it means.

Indeed, the National Organiser Clive Jefferson was asked if I had indeed been proscribed, to which there was a predictable silence so that London Organisers would be left in a position of uncertainty, without the need to commit himself one way or another to avoid giving any evidence of the unconstitutional nature of that prohibition.   Expedient, but dishonourable.

Doubtless many reading this would be wondering what I am on about, talking about principles and honour, but that is of course precisely the problem with the degenerate, depraved and dishonourable British.  They no longer even pretend to be honourable, or obey, or even know their own rules.

This is how the BNP deal with their own comrades, dear reader.  Imagine how they would treat you - whatever your race -  if they ever got into a position of power.  

It would clearly have been expedient for me not to have attempted to gate crash their party, but then I am not like them, for I am making a point of  not lurching down the blind alley of expediency and being the servant of whoever shouts most loudly at me.

I of course forgive them completely, for I have no right to expect lower class whites to know anything about the 12 Tables of Rome or see how it might just apply to them.  At least the plebs in Rome knew to demand that the laws of Rome be put in a prominent place where they could see them and could refer to them easily, unlike the vassals of the BNP fiefdom operated by their feudal lord.

And even if you tell them about it, they would only shrug their plebeian shoulders.  None of them would even think of demanding to see a copy of their party constitution as a matter of right.  (Most members of the Conservative Party have never read their own party constitution.  If they do, they will find it a bit of a shocker too.  At least you can read the BNP constitution online.) contains the ridiculous restrictions about who may or may not download a copy of the BNP constitution.  Members of the BNP are of course in a legal relationship with the BNP and the party constitution contains the terms of that contract.  (I actually took the party at is word and asked for a copy, long before I was even suspended.  Predictably, I received no response whatsoever to my request.)  It is clearly the intention of the BNP leader to see to it that members and activists do not get to see how unfair the terms of that contract are until it is too late.

Constitution of the British National Party
Version 12.3 of the British National Party’s constitution can be downloaded at the link below.

No part of this, the 12.3 edition of the Constitution of the British National Party as amended from time to time may be downloaded, copied, reproduced, republished, posted, transmitted, stored, sold or distributed without the prior written permission of N. Griffin MEP for and on behalf of the publisher, except that each Individual Member of the British National Party shall have a non exclusive non transferable licence to download one copy of the 12.3 edition of the Constitution of the British National Party as amended from time to time from on any single computer and print out parts or one whole copy of the same for his or her personal, non-commercial, home use and for uses connected with his or her membership as an Individual Member of the British National Party and only provided that all copyright and proprietary notices are kept intact.

Any person other than an Individual Member of the British National Party who wishes to be granted a non exclusive and non transferable licence to download or otherwise acquire one or more copies of the 12.3 edition of the Constitution of the British National Party as amended from time to time on to one or more computers and to print out one or more copies of this, the 12.3 edition of the Constitution of the British National Party, as amended from time to time may apply to N. Griffin MEP to purchase a licence to do so.

Details of the licences available and associated fees are obtainable upon request from P O Box 14, Welshpool, Powys, SY21 0WE.

The BNP are of course a microcosm of the worst features (ie the illegitimacy, irrationality, depravity, hypocrisy, effeminacy, cowardice and degeneracy) of the white race.

But anyone who can fix the BNP can fix Britain, probably.

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