Friday, 16 December 2011

Why I have won the argument on disability on grounds of Kant's principle of UNIVERSALISABILITY

If every woman did what my school friend did the human race would die out.

So game, set and match to me.

Too bad the BNP aren't familiar with these concepts and did not see fit to give me the opportunity to explain it to them.

Imagine, if I had been allowed to explain this to the liberal media and gave the impression that the dunces and dunderheads of the BNP had heard of Kant's principle of universalisability.   Wouldn't that bring the party into repute?

Wouldn't it have been glorious to beard the liberal lion in its lair?

But the BNP has made it a principle of practice to emulate the liberals in all their cowardice and hypocrisy and that is why they will continue to falter and fail, until and unless they make me Press Officer.

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